Thursday, September 11, 2014

Esquire Philippines Brings New Music From The Eraserheads

So aside from a feature on last April's Eraserheads reunion concert in London, England, Esquire Philippines' September 2014 issue includes a collector's item specially commissioned by the magazine: a CD with two new songs, the band's first with Ely Buendia as frontman since their 2001 album Carbon Stereoxide.

Here's the first track, "Sabado:"

It looks like the E-heads recast it from an old song (perhaps from their drummer Raymund Marasigan) that in turn may have been a tie-in with Team Manila Lifestyle's "Buti Na Lang Sabado Bukas" product line:

Marasigan shared as much in an interview with Dig Radio:
"'Sabado,'" Marasigan told this writer, is "from the so-called vaults," though he could not recall the precise period when it was first written. It has since taken on a different form. "It was an old song, but they reworked it. I didn’t care; [I said] 'Change it,'" he said. It was, to insist on a Fab Four connection, their post-active-years "Free as a Bird."
The second track is "1995:"

Those two songs will surely be parsed by those trying to decipher their "meanings," latent or otherwise. For instance, it might be fun to review history to see how 1995 was significant to the band or the local music scene. Good thing the probability of that stupid mid-90s backmasking controversy recurring is remote now. (Or is it?) 

For now, we await the wide release of the two Erik Matti-directed music videos that premiered last week during Esquire's launch of the Travel issue. During that event "Not The Eraserheads"* played a surprise set ("Magasin," "Sembreak," and "Alapaap") with a little help from their friends in the local music scene, to the delight of the audience that understandably lost its collective shit:

*This might be a wink at the rumored contract with a telecom giant that allegedly bars the quartet of Buendia, Marasigan, guitarist Marcus Adoro, and bassist Buddy Zabala from performing locally under the Eraserheads name until at least 2019, a stipulation that may explain why all of the band's reunion concerts after 2009's "The Final Set" have taken place abroad.

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