Thursday, June 5, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Season Logo

ABS-CBN Sports has unveiled the (perhaps incomplete*) logo for UAAP Season 77:

True story: In all the years that I've followed their coverage of the UAAP competitions, it's only now that I've noticed that the colors of the Season logos have largely followed that of the university that happened to be the year's host school.

In my defense, that wasn't too obvious previously, especially since prior to 2011 the logos did not use the same template. And due to a quirk in the UAAP's hosting schedule—Seasons 74, 75 and 76 were hosted by ADMU, NU and AdU, respectively—in recent years the logos have come in varying shades of blue. Following that, of course the red and white of this Season's host school UE stand out more.

*I think it's still missing the slogan for Season 77, "Unity in Excellence" (which seems like a backronym for "UE").

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