Saturday, June 7, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Confidence, Thy Name Is Arvin Tolentino

If you're an Ateneo Blue Eagles supporter, you've got to love the positive attitude of this rookie:
"Arvin Tolentino's Long Road to Katipunan"

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"Nothing is impossible naman. Sa talent namin, kaming mga rookies, madaming potential. Compare mo sa rookies nang [sic] ibang team. Kasi isipin mo rookies namin, halos lahat sa amin All-Stars nung high school at champions," Arvin reminds us.

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"Napakabright nang [sic] future namin. Kailangan lang namin experience."

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"We’re going to be champs. Two years from now. Even this year, we can do it."

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Meanwhile, here's what head coach Bo Perasol has to say:
Perasol sees retooled Blue Eagles being title contenders 'three years from now'

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"Malaking challenge ito dahil puro bata," said Perasol, the former Powerade coach in the PBA who is entering his second season as Ateneo coach. "Magaling sila pero puro youngsters."

"In fact, I think three years from now, hinog na sila. Pero this season, malalamangan sila ng experience."

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Settle down now, Sixth Man. You need not despair at that statement, necessarily. The sky isn't falling—after all, Perasol did not say that Ateneo won't be in the thick of things in UAAP Season 77. A Final Four stint isn't out of the question, considering the quality of the Blue Eagles' 2014 recruitment class, as well as the rosters of the other competing teams.

So you do you, Arvin and Coach Bo. It goes without saying that the Sixth Man will be rooting for you and the rest of the Blue Eagles.


  1. I have always believed in the heart of the Blue Eagles. Greatness is their destiny. Just like the Ateneo Lady Eagles dismissed as a serious challenger of the dethroned DLSU Lady Spikers last season, they too can prove that indeed they have the heart of a true champion.

    1. We'll see how they fare on Sunday when they face the defending champs for the first time this Season.

      Thanks for commenting!


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