Friday, May 23, 2014

GPOY: How I Met Your Rizal Underground Frontman

What is up with the finger-pointing?
[Photo credit: TnB]

I don't usually go up to celebrities and ask for pictures with them (the last famous person I approached for a photo was BenCab a couple of years back because National Artist; years before that, Kaye Abad because Tabing Ilog) but the fourteen-year-old me who owned an Alert Level: The Album cassette tape would've slapped me upside the head had I passed up the chance for a photo op with Stephen Lu, frontman of the now-defunct band Rizal Underground.

Lu, who was in the company of radio DJ Ramon "The Doctor" Zialcita, banded (heh) with two local musicians to play a rollicking (surprise?) one-off set Wednesday night at Ki'kan House of Food, Music, and Art. It was a covers-heavy set and they didn't do any Rizal song except for the obligatory "Bilanggo." Two guys who requested "Sabado Nights" got (gently) rebuffed. I shouted for "Powder or Lotion"; it also didn't get played.

I actually wrote another song request on a piece of paper ("Come Around Again" from Rizal Underground, the track with Wency Cornejo of AfterImage on backing vocals) but decided against having it sent to the stage because Lu and company weren't playing Rizal stuff. But after the photo above was taken I identified myself as the one who asked for "Powder" then showed him the piece of paper. Based on his reaction I think I was able to establish my RU fan bona fides, haha.

[18 July 2014 Edit]

Here is a photo from that night that Ramon Zialcita shared on Facebook.

Oh, and somehow Stephen Lu has found this post.


  1. Rock on brotha. Sorry for the requests, it was an impromptu gig

    1. No apologies needed; them requests would've been just icing on the cake.

      Thanks for the feedback. I'm not going to ask how you discovered that blog post, haha.


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