Friday, October 17, 2014

Alert, Alert

[Image via @chefsharwin on Instagram]

Today is the launch of Curiosity Got the Chef: The Cookbook by Chef Sharwin Tee (and edited by Mina V. Esguerra). He'll have a book signing at Glorietta 1 in Makati City later this afternoon. I would've loved to be able to attend because those two are awesome people (and if I'm being honest, because the likelihood of there being good food at a cookbook launch is high); too bad life gets in the way sometimes, ha ha.

Monday, September 22, 2014

One Day Down

And that's it for Monday! Go enjoy the official music video for the Eraserheads' new song, "1995":

I love the shout-out to UP Diliman at the end:

[Screen grab from YouTube]

Thursday, September 18, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Blue Eagles Win Top Individual Honors

Kiefer Ravena and Arvin Tolentino of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles are your Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year, respectively, in Men's Basketball for UAAP Season 77. They are the first Blue Eagle teammates to win MVP and ROY in the same year since Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Ryan Buenafe accomplished the feat in 2008.

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. NU Bulldogs, July 26
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Ravena earned his first MVP trophy in Men's Basketball after averaging 21.2 points (1st in the league), 5.9 rebounds, 5.6 assists (1st in the league), and 1.5 steals (2nd in the league) per game in towing his team to a league-best 11-3 card and the top Final Four seed after the elimination round.

He is the first Blue Eagle to win MVP honors since Al-Hussaini in 2008.

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. FEU Tamaraws, Aug. 3
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Tolentino was 22nd and the highest-placed freshman in the MVP rankings with his averages of 8.0 points and 5.6 rebounds per game after the eliminations. He is the first Blue Eagle to win the ROY trophy since Ravena did it in 2011.

It's time to chase the biggest trophy of them all, guys.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Commissioner's Office Upholds Ateneo's Win Over FEU

The biggest UAAP basketball news yesterday (aside, that is, from UE beating UST to earn at least a tie for the last Final Four slot, and Adamson beating UP to avoid a winless record) was Commissioner Andy Jao's denial of the FEU Tamaraws' protest of the result of their game last Saturday against the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles.

It will be remembered that the Blue Eagles rallied from a double-digit deficit late in the fourth quarter to beat the Tamaraws in overtime and nab the top Final Four spot. There was, however, a minor commotion in the last seconds of regulation when play was halted and Blue Eagle Von Pessumal's basket with 3:20 remaining in the fourth quarter, which was earlier scored as a two-pointer, was adjusted to a three.

In his post-game presser after their enervating loss, FEU head coach Nash Racela was gracious in defeat and attributed his team's loss to, among other things, their numerous missed free throws.

But something apparently changed between then and Monday, when the FEU camp filed a protest questioning the propriety of what they thought was a review of the Pessumal basket. They obviously wanted another crack at that top spot and, just as important, to avoid the circuitous route of going through a playoff for the second Final Four slot and the twice-to-beat advantage that goes with it.

In all fairness, I think the "controversy" arose from simple misunderstanding.

An Ateneo Sports Shooters photo that made the rounds clearly shows that from the start, the nearest referee ruled Pessumal's basket a three-point conversion. (The ABS-CBN Sports broadcast panel also also called it a three, although it's unclear whether the coliseum barker announced it as that.)

But for one reason or another, those at the scorer's table missed the referee's signal and incorrectly added just two point to Ateneo's score. Commissioner Jao and his people, meanwhile, attempted to call the referees' attention to the scoring miscue, but only succeeded with 27.4 seconds remaining .

The coliseum barker then added to the confusion when he announced, "There is a challenge on that shot of Von Pessumal a while ago. We will review it," although there was really neither a challenge made (least of all from the Ateneo side, as it was the Commissioner and his subordinates who were attempting to correct the score to reflect the true tally) nor a review to be done, just a score correction.

I loved Commisioner Jao's tart "Lastly, I would like to let you Coach know that the Commissioner's Office does not violate the rules, we enforce them for the benefit of all the teams in the league. Please inform the FEU management and community [of] this fact," reply to the protest.

Turnabout is fair play; after all, the protest said, "The FEU community has expressed its disappointment regarding the inappropriate violation of specific UAAP ground rules."

FEU has accepted the Commissioner's decision but went on to cite some lingering concerns.

Monday, September 15, 2014

UAAP Season 74: Cheerdance Competition

The NU Pep Squad won the 2014 UAAP Cheerdance Competition for their second CDC victory in as many years. It was a dominant win as reflected in the official tally sheet; they really pulled out all the stops.

Crowd darling UP Pep Squad fell just short for the second straight year and again placed first runner-up. But they captured the hearts of many with their bold "Equality" theme, which they illustrated at certain points with the ladies supporting male flyers and their switching dance parts.

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe rounded out the Top 3.

Finishing out of the money were the Adamson Pep Squad, FEU Cheering Squad, DLSU Animo Squad, UE Pep Squad, and ADMU Blue Babble Battalion, in that order.

An ALS Story

This touching article is a must-read (and I'm not just saying that because the writer is my college batchmate):
ALS claimed my mother’s life–but didn’t snuff out her light
By Maria Angela Socorro S. Cruz | Philippine Daily Inquirer

Thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been trending in the US and has made its way to Manila, the ALS Association ( has already raised over $100 million.

The timing of this social media phenomenon could not have been better because it is raising public awareness of a cruel disease that slowly and silently kills its victims.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative condition that has been largely invisible to the world, but not to me and my family. ALS claimed my mother’s life two months ago. She was only 64 and had battled ALS for 17 years.

My mother was Matea Angela Santiago Cruz, Mitzie to family and friends. To my brother Mico and me, she was simply Mama, the steady, radiant sunshine in our lives.

Full story…

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sabado Bukas

Start your weekend with the comical music video for the new Eraserheads song "Sabado" that Esquire Philippines shared:

I thought I saw Ateneo Blue Eagles forward Chris Newsome!

[Screen grab from YouTube]

I did!

[Screen grab from YouTube]

I did see Ateneo Blue Eagles forward Chris Newsome!

[Screen grab from YouTube]

(It goes without saying that the Sunshine Cruz cameo is awfully nice, too.)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Esquire Philippines Brings New Music From The Eraserheads

So aside from a feature on last April's Eraserheads reunion concert in London, England, Esquire Philippines' September 2014 issue includes a collector's item specially commissioned by the magazine: a CD with two new songs, the band's first with Ely Buendia as frontman since their 2001 album Carbon Stereoxide.

Here's the first track, "Sabado:"

It looks like the E-heads recast it from an old song (perhaps from their drummer Raymund Marasigan) that in turn may have been a tie-in with Team Manila Lifestyle's "Buti Na Lang Sabado Bukas" product line:

Marasigan shared as much in an interview with Dig Radio:
"'Sabado,'" Marasigan told this writer, is "from the so-called vaults," though he could not recall the precise period when it was first written. It has since taken on a different form. "It was an old song, but they reworked it. I didn’t care; [I said] 'Change it,'" he said. It was, to insist on a Fab Four connection, their post-active-years "Free as a Bird."
The second track is "1995:"

Those two songs will surely be parsed by those trying to decipher their "meanings," latent or otherwise. For instance, it might be fun to review history to see how 1995 was significant to the band or the local music scene. Good thing the probability of that stupid mid-90s backmasking controversy recurring is remote now. (Or is it?) 

For now, we await the wide release of the two Erik Matti-directed music videos that premiered last week during Esquire's launch of the Travel issue. During that event "Not The Eraserheads"* played a surprise set ("Magasin," "Sembreak," and "Alapaap") with a little help from their friends in the local music scene, to the delight of the audience that understandably lost its collective shit:

*This might be a wink at the rumored contract with a telecom giant that allegedly bars the quartet of Buendia, Marasigan, guitarist Marcus Adoro, and bassist Buddy Zabala from performing locally under the Eraserheads name until at least 2019, a stipulation that may explain why all of the band's reunion concerts after 2009's "The Final Set" have taken place abroad.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gilas Finally Gets One

Gilas Pilipinas ended their 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup campaign the same way they started it: with an overtime game. The result, however, was different this time around as they beat Senegal, 81–79.

The win was extra sweet after an unpleasant encounter Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas president Manny Pangilinan and company had in Seville:
Pangilinan, the source said, was walking the streets of this charming, laid-back capital of Andalucia in the company of PLDT president and CEO Polly Nazareno, Meralco CEO and president Oscar Reyes, and Meralco vice president and MVP Sports Foundation head Al Panlilio when they came across a group gathered in a roadside eatery.

"Go home," came the taunt.

The MVP camp, the insider said, didn't recognize anyone from the group but was certain they were members of the Senegalese delegation, judging from the colors that they wore as well as IDs that are only issued by Fiba to officials of each competing nation.

Pangilinan, the source said, felt insulted by the taunt but still kept his cool.

However, Reyes picked up the cudgels for the group, not letting the taunt go unanswered. "We'll go home after we beat you," came Reyes' calm but emphatic response.

Gilas placed last in their six-nation Group with a 1–4 record, but at least they won't be leaving Spain empty-handed.

The captain feels the love.
[Photo credit:]

It has been over 40 years since the last time the Philippines won a game at this level of international competition, an 87–86 victory over the Central African Republic on 12 July 1974 in the classification round of the World Championship for Men held in Puerto Rico, and nearly 36 years since it last qualified.

Gilas' road to the next Basketball Word Cup in 2019 and/or the 2016 Summer Olympics lies ahead, but first, there's the 2014 Asian Games basketball tournament that starts in just over 2 weeks in Incheon, South Korea.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gabe Smash!

Pambansang wallpaper.
[Photo credit:]

World No. 3 Argentina beat the Philippines, 81–85, for Gilas' third straight loss in the Group phase of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. However, the lasting image from that game is Gabe Norwood dunking on NBA veteran Luis Scola:

Then for good measure, Norwood also posterized Marcos Mata:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gilas Pilipinas Drops 2014 FIBA World Cup Debut

The Philippines lost in overtime to Croatia, 78–81, yesterday in their first game in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. But even as I rue that missed chance to win in the last possession of regulation, I couldn't be prouder of the heart and effort the 23.5-point underdog Gilas Pilipinas (ranked 34th in the world and competing in the world championships for the first time since 1978) displayed in their near-upset of the 16th-ranked Croatians. They were this close to pulling out the win after managing to rally from a double-digit second quarter deficit and keep the Croatians within sight the rest of the way.

It seems only fitting that their brave showing came on the same day as the gallant stand besieged Filipino soldiers-UNDOF peacekeepers made against Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights.

Props to the loud Filipino crowd that attended the game at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo in Seville, Spain and gave Gilas virtual homecourt advantage. Their arena-shaking chants of "Defense!" gave my goosebumps goosebumps.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How You #PlayPinoy

In time for Gilas Pilipinas' debut in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, here is Nike's "#PlayPinoy" TV commercial.

(Yes, those are the lyrics to "My Way." I half-expected a "No one was harmed in the making of this TVC" disclaimer at the end, because you know….)

Friday, August 15, 2014

To The Lady

You gave this to me at the start of the week while I stood in line at a government office. I didn't make it past the first sentence before I decided to fold and slip it in the book I was reading.

Me being me, it was only yesterday while I waited for a package to arrive that I remembered I had it. I read it all the way through this time. I'm not going to make copies to give away but I am posting it here.

Yes, I have forgotten. Thanks for the nudge. I needed that.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Mid-Eliminations Overall Statistical Points Leaders

After the first round of eliminations in the Men's basketball tournament, here are the top 20 players in statistical points, which is the sole basis for individual awards in UAAP basketball such as Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year.

The Ateneo Blue Eagles leads the league in players who are in the Top 20 with five: Kiefer Ravena (1st), Chris Newsome (3rd), Arvin Tolentino (8th), Nico Elorde (17th), and Von Pessumal (19th). By virtue of being the only freshman on that list, Tolentino is also leading the ROY race.

On the distaff side, Danica Jose of the Ateneo Lady Eagles is currently second in the MVP race after the first round.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UAAP Season 77 Eliminations: Revised Ateneo Blue Eagles And Lady Eagles Second Round Schedule

This is the revised second round schedule of the ADMU Blue Eagles (so far):
August 17, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum

August 20, Wednesday
MOA Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs UE

August 24, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM – ADMU vs NU

August 30, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM – ADMU vs UST

September 3, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – ADMU vs UP

September 6, Saturday
MOA Arena
2 PM – ADMU vs AdU

September 13, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – ADMU vs FEU

[Hat tip to J.W. Payo on Twitter]

Here's the schedule of the Lady Eagles:
August 16, Saturday
Blue Eagle Gym
11 AM – ADMU vs UP

August 24, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
11 AM – ADMU vs. DLSU

August 27, Wednesday
MOA Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. UE

August 30, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum
8 AM – AMDU vs. NU

September 6, Saturday
Mall of Asia Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. AdU

September 10, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum
10 AM – ADMU vs. UST

September 13, Saturday
11 AM – ADMU vs. FEU

[Hat tip: Team AMDG on Twitter]

[14 August 2014 Edit]

The ADMU-DLSU Men's basketball game has been moved to August 17.

[15 August 2014]

The ADMU-UP Women's basketball game has been moved to August 16.

[18 August 2014 Edit]

The revised Men's basketball schedule has been released.

Friday, August 8, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Kiefer Ravena Dagger Against UST

Kiefer Ravena just added to his sizable UAAP highlight reel by sinking the game-winning shot against UST. That explains his end-game jersey pop (which would've looked way cooler if "Ateneo" didn't sit too low on their jerseys).

That seems a good excuse as any to share the last notable jersey-popping moment from an Ateneo Blue Eagle:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Here's Another Musical Intermission

This is Toto Sorioso's second finalist entry in the 2014 PhilPop songwriting competition: "Langit Umaawit," interpreted by Tom Rodriguez.

Here is the official music video:

The PhilPop 2014 winners will be announced tomorrow night. Best of luck, Toto!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Jerseyvaluation

The eight teams competing in the UAAP Season 77 Men's basketball tournament have all debuted. Here's how I'd rank their uniforms, from worst to best.

8. UST Growling Tigers (Outfitter: World Balance | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: FEU Tamaraws vs. UST Growling Tigers, July 20
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: UST Growling Tigers vs. UP Fighting Maroons, Aug. 2
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

After a two-year absence, the damned tacky tiger stripe piping is back. It's a massive downgrade from UST's classy uniforms last season. The tiger head "watermark" is cool, though.

7. UP Fighting Maroons (Outfitter: Accel | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: UST Growling Tigers vs. UP Fighting Maroons, Aug. 2
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 70: UE Red Warriors vs. UP Fighting Maroons, July 12
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

The Maroons look like they have on white bibs, which I suspect are there just so that sponsor logo below the jersey collars will pop out more. Also, they've seen the light and now use the full school name instead of just "Pilipinas."

6. AdU Soaring Falcons (Outfitter: Anta | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: NU Bulldogs vs. Adamson Falcons, July 30
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: NU Bulldogs vs. Adamson Falcons, Aug. 20
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Their sponsor logos are too big this year, cluttering the jerseys. I'm undecided whether that striped piping is a nice touch.

5. FEU Tamaraws (Outfitter: Nike | Season 76 unis)
4. DLSU Green Archers (Outfitter: Nike | Season 76 unis)
3. ADMU Blue Eagles (Outfitter: Nike | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: FEU Tamaraws vs. NU Bulldogs, Aug. 17
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: FEU Tamaraws vs. NU Bulldogs, Aug. 9
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: DLSU Green Archers vs. NU Bulldogs, Aug. 13
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: UE Red Warriors vs. DLSU Green Archers, July 27
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 70: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. Adamson Falcons, July 13
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. UST Growling Tigers, Aug. 30
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Just like last year, their uniforms come from the same template. What sticks out the most is that the school names sit too low on the jerseys (contrast them with the Nike-designed Gilas Pilipinas uniforms from the recent Fiba Asia Cup). That's most obvious on the Tams jerseys, if only because they don't have a sponsor logo right below the collar.

2. UE Red Warriors (Outfitter: Accel | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. UE Red Warriors, Aug.10
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: UE Red Warriors vs. FEU Tamaraws, July 30
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

The shoulder trim on their jerseys reminds me of the ones on Adidas' Made in March Uniform System from the 2014 US NCAA basketball postseason. They're like Croatia Lite.

1. NU Bulldogs (Outfitter: Bo' Athletics | Season 76 unis)

UAAP Season 77: UE Red Warriors vs. NU Bulldogs, Aug. 3
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

UAAP Season 77: NU Bulldogs vs. Adamson Falcons, July 30
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

They've managed to upgrade last year's uniforms by leaps and bounds. The single biggest improvement? The school name on the jerseys no longer looks like it was designed using the WordArt feature on MS Word. The camo-patterned numbers aren't very legible from mid-distance though.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here's A Musical Intermission

When the finalists in the 2014 Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPop) songwriting competition were announced last month, I was happy to learn that two of the Top 12 entries were composed by Toto Sorioso.

Here's the first one: "Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa," interpreted by Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong.

The PhilPop 2014 winner will be announced during the Finals Night on July 26.

[18 July 2014 Edit]

This the official music video:

[28 July 2014 Edit]

"Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa" won 2nd place!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UAAP Season 77: ADMU Ticket-Selling Guidelines

Here's a handy infographic of Ateneo de Manila's UAAP ticket-selling guidelines for Season 77:

[Image credit: Dianne Santos for]

The 2014–2015 Season opens in three days, and the Ateneo Blue Eagles debut in four!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

UAAP Season 77: What's The Big Deal, Mark Molina Asks

Here is what FEU's athletic director (and Ateneo alumnus and former Blue Eagles head coach) Mark Molina had to say about the dissatisfaction voiced regarding the schedule of UAAP Season 77's first ADMU-DLSU game:

I'm gonna go ahead and just chalk that up to forgetfulness, at best. Because there's no big deal with that game being played on a Sunday morning—y'know, aside from that fact that ADMU-DLSU is one of the marquee matchups, if not the marquee matchup, in the Men's Division of the UAAP basketball tournament.

Let's face it: men's basketball and women's volleyball are the UAAP's cash cows, and ADMU-DLSU matchups give the most meat and milk.

(Sorry, the metaphor got away from me.)

It should be remembered that the UAAP's split ticket scheme came about a few years back because there was, and is, so much interest in Blue Eagles-versus-Green Archers games. Don't just take my word for it; ask the Philippine Basketball Association, which has staged—and presumably profited from—a few ADMU-DLSU alumni games.

I mean no offense to the other teams, but for the past few years at least, there has been no other regular season matchup that has called for the split ticket scheme. It just makes more sense for the UAAP to have ADMU-DLSU in the main game slot. To borrow a WWE catchphrase, it what's best for business.

But what do I know?

[7 July 2014 Edit]

ABS-CBN Sports promises that the game will be telecast live.

Friday, July 4, 2014

UAAP Season 77 Eliminations: Ateneo Blue Eagles And Lady Eagles Revised First Round Schedule

Here's the updated first round schedule of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles in the Men's Division of the UAAP Season 77 basketball tournament as of 4 July 2014:
July 13, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum
2 PM - ADMU vs. AdU

July 20, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum
11 AM - ADMU vs. DLSU

July 23, Wednesday
MOA Arena
2 PM - ADMU vs. UP

July 26, Saturday
MOA Arena
4 PM - ADMU vs. NU

August 3, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM - ADMU vs. FEU

August 6, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM - ADMU vs. UST

August 10, Sunday
MOA Arena
2 PM - ADMU vs. UE
For those wondering why the ADMU-DLSU game on July 20 is scheduled at 11 a.m., this article says that ADMU wanted a July 20 game and UST (which is set to face FEU that day) refused to give up the 4 p.m. slot.

[Hat tip to UAAP Sports TV on Twitter.]

[8 July 2014 Edit]

Here's the revised schedule of the Lady Eagles:
July 13, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
1 PM - ADMU vs. UP

July 19, Saturday
Blue Eagle Gym
3 PM - ADMU vs. FEU

July 24, Thursday
Blue Eagle Gym
11 AM - ADMU vs. UST

July 27, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
11 AM - ADMU vs. NU

August 3, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
1 PM - ADMU vs. DLSU

August 6, Wednesday
Blue Eagle Gym
3 PM – ADMU vs. AdU

August 10, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
3 PM - ADMU vs. UE

[Hat tip to Pong Ducanes on Twitter.]

[15 July 2014 Edit]

The UAAP Board has cancelled the ADMU Lady Eagles' game against the AdU Lady Falcons on 16 July 2014 due to Typhoon Glenda.

[30 July 2014 Edit]

The ADMU–AdU Women's Basketball game has been scheduled on 6 August 2014.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles And Lady Eagles Rosters

Here's the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles lineup for UAAP Season 77:
John Apacible
Anton Asistio
Gboy Babilonia
Gwyne Capacio
Clint Doliguez
Nico Elorde
Fonzo Gotladera
Jay Javelosa
Isaac Lim
Chris Newsome
Von Pessumal
Kris Porter
Kiefer Ravena
Thirdy Ravena
Arvin Tolentino
Vince Tolentino

Head Coach
Bo Perasol

Assistant Coaches
Ricky Dandan
Ronnie Magsanoc
Xavy Nunag
Sandy Arespacochaga
Gabby Severino
Gene Afable
Jon Jacinto
Yuri Escueta
Joe Silva
Of the sixteen players, seven were not on the team last year: Apacible, Doliguez, Javelosa, Thirdy Ravena and Arvin Tolentino who are all rookies; Gotladera who is in his first season with the Blue Eagles after transferring from La Salle and undergoing residency; and Porter who is back on the roster after missing last year due to injury, if I recall correctly.

(By the way, is it just me or are nine assistant coaches too many for a collegiate basketball team?)

[Photo credit:]

Here's the Lady Eagles lineup:
Marielle Lamar
Nicole Cancio
Klar Posadas
Aki Tomita
Cara Buendia
Danica Jose
Hazel Yam
Jollina Go
Sami Bo-ot
Allysa Dogong
Kitkat Nitorreda
Cheskie Tantoco
Ther Aseron
Bianca Belarmino
Kai Javier

Head Coach
Erika Dy

Assistant Coaches
Ron Camara
PJ Navarro
Paul Ramos
JC Nuyles
Val Chua

Friday, June 27, 2014

UAAP Season 77: ADMU Courtside Reporter

We now know who's going to be Ateneo's courtside reporter in UAAP Season 77:

Lehmann was the first runner-up in the 2014 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant.

She's the interviewee in the middle below:

Looks promising, especially since she also has a background in sports. We'll soon see if she's competent in basketball reporting; Season 77 opens in fifteen days!

[3 July 2014 Edit]

Saturday, June 21, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Ateneo Blue Eagles Preliminary Lineup

With UAAP Season 77 set to open exactly three weeks from now, ABS-CBN Sports had a photo shoot with the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles.

That's Clint Doliguez, Kris Porter, John Apacible, Jay Javelosa and Fonzo Gotladera at the back, and Thirdy Ravena, Nico Elorde, Von Pessumal, Chris Newsome and Gwyne Capacio in front.

Kiefer Ravena and Arvin Tolentino make twelve, leaving four more slots to be filled. I wonder who else will make it to the lineup that will be submitted to the UAAP Board for approval, but am not going to hold my breath that Jerie Pingoy and Hubert Cani will be on it.

[25 June 2014 Edit]

The team's brain trust seems resigned to the possibility that Pingoy and Cani won't be allowed to suit up this season.

[3 July 2014 Edit]

It is said that the plan to reduce the number of foreign students allowed per team then eventually ban them will not be imposed in Season 77 because it would be, not in so many words, "too sudden."

I am so glad the UAAP member schools had the same regard for prospectivity when the 2-year residency rule, the so-called Pingoy Rule, was enacted before last season. Oh, wait….

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day

Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan, Pilipinas!

Today's commemoration of the 116th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence has a little more personal significance than usual: it was launched at Plaza Quince Martires, Naga City in my home province of Camarines Sur.

How ironic, a student from my high school alma mater was arrested for causing a disturbance as the president delivered his Independence Day speech.

One can hear the off-screen commotion at the 3:35 mark of the video above. And we might've heard more had that clip not omitted about two and a half paragraphs from the president's published remarks at the 3:51 mark.

[14 June 2014 Edit]

Compare. Contrast.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Confidence, Thy Name Is Arvin Tolentino

If you're an Ateneo Blue Eagles supporter, you've got to love the positive attitude of this rookie:
"Arvin Tolentino's Long Road to Katipunan"

x x x

"Nothing is impossible naman. Sa talent namin, kaming mga rookies, madaming potential. Compare mo sa rookies nang [sic] ibang team. Kasi isipin mo rookies namin, halos lahat sa amin All-Stars nung high school at champions," Arvin reminds us.

x x x

"Napakabright nang [sic] future namin. Kailangan lang namin experience."

x x x

"We’re going to be champs. Two years from now. Even this year, we can do it."

Full story…
Meanwhile, here's what head coach Bo Perasol has to say:
Perasol sees retooled Blue Eagles being title contenders 'three years from now'

x x x

"Malaking challenge ito dahil puro bata," said Perasol, the former Powerade coach in the PBA who is entering his second season as Ateneo coach. "Magaling sila pero puro youngsters."

"In fact, I think three years from now, hinog na sila. Pero this season, malalamangan sila ng experience."

Full story…
Settle down now, Sixth Man. You need not despair at that statement, necessarily. The sky isn't falling—after all, Perasol did not say that Ateneo won't be in the thick of things in UAAP Season 77. A Final Four stint isn't out of the question, considering the quality of the Blue Eagles' 2014 recruitment class, as well as the rosters of the other competing teams.

So you do you, Arvin and Coach Bo. It goes without saying that the Sixth Man will be rooting for you and the rest of the Blue Eagles.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

UAAP Season 77: Season Logo

ABS-CBN Sports has unveiled the (perhaps incomplete*) logo for UAAP Season 77:

True story: In all the years that I've followed their coverage of the UAAP competitions, it's only now that I've noticed that the colors of the Season logos have largely followed that of the university that happened to be the year's host school.

In my defense, that wasn't too obvious previously, especially since prior to 2011 the logos did not use the same template. And due to a quirk in the UAAP's hosting schedule—Seasons 74, 75 and 76 were hosted by ADMU, NU and AdU, respectively—in recent years the logos have come in varying shades of blue. Following that, of course the red and white of this Season's host school UE stand out more.

*I think it's still missing the slogan for Season 77, "Unity in Excellence" (which seems like a backronym for "UE").

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

UAAP Season 77 Eliminations: Ateneo Blue Eagles And Lady Eagles Updated First Round Schedule

Here's the first round schedule of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles in the Men's Division of the UAAP Season 77 basketball tournament as of 30 May 4 July 2014:
July 13, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum
2 PM - ADMU vs. AdU

July 20, Sunday
MOA Arena
4 PM - ADMU vs. FEU

July 23, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum
2 PM - ADMU vs. UP

July 27, Sunday
MOA Arena
4 PM - ADMU vs. NU

August 2, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM - ADMU vs. DLSU

August 6, Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum
4 PM - ADMU vs. UST

August 10, Sunday
MOA Arena
2 PM - ADMU vs. UE
The games will be telecast live on free TV channel ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

Here's the schedule of the Ateneo Lady Eagles in the Women's Division:
July 13, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
1 PM - ADMU vs. UP

July 16, Wednesday
Blue Eagle Gym
3 PM - ADMU vs. AdU

July 19, Saturday
Blue Eagle Gym
3 PM - ADMU vs. FEU

July 24, Thursday
Blue Eagle Gym
10 AM - ADMU vs. UST

July 27, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
10 AM - ADMU vs. NU

August 3, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
1 PM - ADMU vs. DLSU

August 10, Sunday
Blue Eagle Gym
1 PM - ADMU vs. UE

[Hat tip to J.W. Payo on Twitter.]

Friday, May 23, 2014

GPOY: How I Met Your Rizal Underground Frontman

What is up with the finger-pointing?
[Photo credit: TnB]

I don't usually go up to celebrities and ask for pictures with them (the last famous person I approached for a photo was BenCab a couple of years back because National Artist; years before that, Kaye Abad because Tabing Ilog) but the fourteen-year-old me who owned an Alert Level: The Album cassette tape would've slapped me upside the head had I passed up the chance for a photo op with Stephen Lu, frontman of the now-defunct band Rizal Underground.

Lu, who was in the company of radio DJ Ramon "The Doctor" Zialcita, banded (heh) with two local musicians to play a rollicking (surprise?) one-off set Wednesday night at Ki'kan House of Food, Music, and Art. It was a covers-heavy set and they didn't do any Rizal song except for the obligatory "Bilanggo." Two guys who requested "Sabado Nights" got (gently) rebuffed. I shouted for "Powder or Lotion"; it also didn't get played.

I actually wrote another song request on a piece of paper ("Come Around Again" from Rizal Underground, the track with Wency Cornejo of AfterImage on backing vocals) but decided against having it sent to the stage because Lu and company weren't playing Rizal stuff. But after the photo above was taken I identified myself as the one who asked for "Powder" then showed him the piece of paper. Based on his reaction I think I was able to establish my RU fan bona fides, haha.

[18 July 2014 Edit]

Here is a photo from that night that Ramon Zialcita shared on Facebook.

Oh, and somehow Stephen Lu has found this post.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

GPOY: Remember This, Friends? Part II

[Photo credit: J. Garaci on Instagram]

A year ago today some of my college blockmates were in town and I was able to spend a couple of hours with them watching 2 Broke Girls, Suits, and Pitch Perfect ('cause that's how we Comm people roll). If the past is any indication, we'll have another one of these in, oh, 2016?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mo-pho: Sounds Like Rustan's, Looks Like Robinsons

This gas station is located somewhere in Quezon province. Odds of it being owned by a "Rose Tan?"

Monday, March 17, 2014

UAAP Season 76: Closing The Books

[Photo credit: Richard Esguerra/UAAP Sports TV on FB]
UAAP Season 76 was a good year for Ateneo de Manila's volleyball program after its women's and men's volleyball teams placed first and second, respectively, in their own divisions. Not bad for two teams with young cores.

Here's the women's team that won for Ateneo its first UAAP volleyball championship:
Amy Ahomiro
Ella de Jesus
Tasha Faustino
Kim Gequillana
Ana Gopico
Denden Lazaro
Julia Morado
Michelle Morente
Ayel Patnongon
Mae Tajima
Bea Tan
Gizelle Tan
Marge Tejada
Alyssa Valdez

Head Coach
Anusorn "Tai" Bundit

Assistant Coaches
Parley Tupaz
Timmy Sto. Tomas
Charo Soriano
Here's their route to winning the title:
Eliminations, First Round
17–25, 22–25, 17–25 L to NU
25–18, 25–23, 25–18 W over FEU
25–21, 25–12, 25–22 W over AdU
25–11, 25–15, 25–17 W over UE
25–20, 25–21, 25–13 W over UP
15–25, 25–23, 22–25, 25–20, 15-13 W over UST
16–25, 20–25, 16–25 L to DLSU

Eliminations, Second Round
14–25, 14–25, 19–25 L to DLSU
25–15, 25–14, 26–14 W over UP
17–25, 17–25, 25–23, 19–25 L to NU
25–23, 25–19, 16–25,18–25, 15–13 W over AdU
25–17, 25–12, 25–22 W over UE
25–18, 25–21, 25–23 W over UST
25–21, 25–19, 25–16 W over FEU

Final Four
26–24, 25–23, 25–21 W over AdU
25–17, 12–25, 31–29, 28–26 W over NU
25–22, 8–25, 25–19, 25–22 W over NU

25–17, 23–25, 25–13, 25–20 W over DLSU
14–25, 20–25, 25–19, 24–26 L to DLSU
25–21, 25–23, 18–25, 16–25, 17–15 W over DLSU
25–23, 26–24, 25–21 W over DLSU
Here are the Women's Volleyball team standings after the eliminations:
At End of First Round
DLSU 7–0
NU 6–1
ADMU 5–2
FEU 4–3
AdU 3–4
UST 2–5
UP 1–6
UE 0–7

At End of Second Round
DLSU 14–0
NU 12–2
ADMU 10–4
FEU 6–8
AdU 6–8
UST 5–9
UP 3–11
UE 0–14
Here are the players who won individual awards:
Best Digger
Best Receiver
Denden Lazaro

Best Scorer
Best Server
Most Valuable Player
Finals Most Valuable Player
Alyssa Valdez

[Photo credit: Arvin Lim/UAAP Sports TV on FB]
On the other hand, here's the first Blue Spikers team to reach the UAAP Finals in 32 years:
Jeriel Apelar
Karl Baysa
Jeb Bello
Marck Espejo
Neil Flores
Ricci Gonzales
Rex Intal
Ysay Marasigan
Mark Morga
JP Pareja
Ish Polvorosa
Karlo Santos
Xavier Senoren
Josh Villanueva

Head Coach
Oliver Almadro

Assistant Coaches
Timmy Sto. Tomas
Here's the Blue Spikers' route to winning the first runner-up trophy:
Eliminations, First Round
25–22, 25–19, 25–14 W over UE
26–28, 21–25, 28–28 L to FEU
19–25, 25–21, 22–25, 19–25 L to UP
25–23, 25–21, 25–18 W over AdU
25–17, 21–25, 20–25, 25–18, 9-15 L to NU
23–25, 25–23, 27–25, 21–25, 15–9 W over DLSU
25–19, 20–25, 25–18, 25–15 W over UST

Eliminations, Second Round
25–21, 26–24, 25–23 W over NU
25–21, 26–28, 12–25, 25–9, 15–9 W over DLSU
23–25, 26–24, 25–19, 25–21 W over FEU
25–20, 25–22, 25–12 W over UE
20–25, 25–23, 25–18, 25–20 W over UST
26–24, 25–27, 25–20, 25–21 W over UP
25–20, 23–25, 25–16, 25–15 W over AdU

Final Four
23–25, 19–25, 25–17, 28–26, 15–13 W over FEU

27–29, 22–25, 22–25 L to NU
22–25, 25–21, 23–25, 25–27 L to NU
Here are the Men's Volleyball team standings after the eliminations:
At End of First Round
NU 7–0
FEU 5–2
ADMU 4–3
AdU 4–3
UP 3–4
UST 3–4
DLSU 2-5
UE 0–7

At End of Second Round
NU 12–2
ADMU 11–3
FEU 9–5
DLSU 8–6
AdU 6–8
UST 5–9
UP 4–10
UE 1–13
The Blue Spikers who won individual awards:
Best Setter
Ish Polvorosa

Best Receiver
JP Pareja

Rookie of the Year
Most Valuable Player
Marck Espejo
See you in UAAP Season 77!

Monday, February 24, 2014

I See They Couldn't Resist

[Screen cap from Yahoo! Philippines]

I love basketball puns as much as the next person, but was it really necessary, Yahoo?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

UAAP Season 76: A Good Day To Be Blue

Yesterday was a good day for Ateneo volleyball.

The Blue Spikers rallied from a 0–2 set deficit, beat FEU 23–25, 19–25, 25–17, 28–26, 15–13, and made it to their first UAAP Men's Volleyball Finals in 34 years.

The Lady Spikers, on the other hand, were a bit more dominant, beating Adamson 26–24, 25–23, 25–21 to advance to the next phase of the Women's Volleyball stepladder playoffs.

Not bad for young, rebuilding squads that most everyone didn't forecast to make it to the Final Four of their respective divisions.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mo-pho: How The Sausage Gets Made

Oh hey, someone's getting ready for the Flower Festival float parade.

(Please be a spaceship, please be a spaceship.)

[23 February 2014 Edit]

It was a "Plants vs. Pollution" float.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Philippines Says Thank You!

Three months after Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), the Department of Tourism has commissioned this video as a token of the Philippines' gratitude for the world's help to our country.

The DOT has also made #PHthankyou templates available for download at­u.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UAAP Season 76: Ateneo Lady Spikers And Blue Spikers Updated Second Round Schedules

Here is the tentative second round schedule of the Ateneo de Manila Lady Spikers in UAAP Season 76:
Sunday, January 19
San Juan Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs. DLSU

Wednesday, January 22
San Juan Arena
2 PM – ADMU vs. UP

Sunday, January 26
San Juan Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs. NU

Saturday, February 1
San Juan Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs. AdU

Saturday, February 8
San Juan Arena
2 PM – ADMU vs.UE

Wednesday, February 12
San Juan Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs. UST

Sunday, February 16
San Juan Arena
4 PM – ADMU vs. FEU
Here is the tentative schedule of the Ateneo Blue Spikers:
Saturday, January 18
San Juan Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. NU

Wednesday, January 22
San Juan Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. DLSU

Sunday, January 26
San Juan Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. FEU

Saturday, February 1
San Juan Arena
8 AM – ADMU vs. UE

Wednesday, February 5
San Juan Arena
8 AM – ADMU vs. UP

Saturday, February 8
San Juan Arena
10 AM – ADMU vs. UST

Saturday, February 15
Araneta Coliseum
10 AM – ADMU vs AdU
Surprisingly, both the Lady Spikers and the Blue Spikers are in third place of their respective divisions at the end of the first round of eliminations.