Sunday, March 31, 2013

House Tibibord Joins The Realm

HBO has a fun website where fans of its Game of Thrones series can create their own "arms." These be the colors, words, and sigil I picked for "House Tibibord":

[Image created using the Game of Thrones | Join the Realm Sigil Creator]

(Jason Bourne's "Sleep is a weapon" came in a close second as House motto.)

[Hat tip to Katroni on Twitter]

Saturday, March 30, 2013

GPOY: Not Your Typical Holy Week Reading

Where were you and what were you doing around this time nine years ago?

I was in Mindoro, reading Stephen E. Ambrose's Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne: From Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. I even have a photo to prove it:

[Photo credit: C. Javier]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today In Wikipedia Pranks: The Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles

If Wikipedia is to be believed, this is the roster that won for the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles their fifth straight UAAP Men's Basketball title:

ADMU Blue Eagles UAAP Season 75 roster on Wikipedia as of 19 March 2013.
[Image grabbed from here.]

Someone's been having a bit of fun with the Blue Eagles' page (seriously—a 4'7" center; a 5'3" small forward; a 325 lbs. small forward/shooting guard; a 4'5" power forward; players named "Piding Asim," "Bulbulito Bayagba," and "Bartolome Madlangtuta"; a playing coach/co-captain). Either that, or there really are alternate universes (which would be awesome). Well done.

[10:35 PM Edit]

I think it's still ongoing—the profile of one of the "players" has been updated:

[21 March 2013 Edit]

Joke time's over, the page has been fixed. Until next time, pranksters.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Late For The Last One, Early For The Next One

Why didn't I see The GQ Oscar Speech-O-Matic! before now? It sure is good for a laugh or two. I just supplied the words:
Adjective: insane
Type of Person: traveler
Living Actor/Actress: Jack Nicholson
Noun: funeral
Noun: book
Famous Person: Eddie Vedder
Adjective: loud
Adjective: lovely
Verb: shout
Noun: giraffe
Another Living Actor/Actress: Kat Dennings
Historic Figure: Marie Curie
Verb ending in -ing: screaming
Most Valuable Possession: name
Noun: cook
Verb: relax
Pet Name: Julie
Adjective: weird
Personal Hero: Kurt Cobain
and I ended up with:

Oh wow, oh my god. I didn't expect this. [Looking at award] It's so insane.

It was such an honor to be nominated in the company of these fellow travelers who I so admire. Jack Nicholson, your performance in
Funeral for a Book was revelatory.

Playing this role of Eddie Vedder was an arduous quest but the harrowing tale of loud love was so lovely. I shout Eddie Vedder with this award.

To my director, you're a giraffe among men and I applaud your leadership every day on set. To my co-star Kat Dennings, I would not be up here were it not for your stunning portrayal of my lover, Marie Curie.

Jeez, they're telling me to wrap it up. Okay…[talking faster]

Umm, to my agent Jeffrey Sternberg at CAA, your constant screaming throughout my career has been a gift. I owe you my name. Frank my lawyer, Ashleigh my publicist, and Trisha my cook, you're all responsible for me being up here today. Mom, Dad, thanks for always teaching me to relax. I love you. And Julie, you complete me. Whew! What a weird moment! God bless Kurt Cobain.
A surprisingly coherent speech. Better keep a copy in my wallet. Y'know, just in case.