Monday, June 17, 2013

'Bye, "Pugad Baboy," Hello, "Pugad Baboy"

Hint: "river horse" means a hippo.
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For approximately two decades our family's broadsheet of choice was the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And although my parents have changed papers since one of my siblings started working for The Philippine Star a couple of years back, I myself continued to patronize PDI, if only because I grew up with it and its Comic Relief section had Pol Medina Jr.'s "Pugad Baboy" strip. But after Medina's recent resignation from PDI, however, that bit of incentive to patronize the Inquirer is gone for now.

"Pugad Baboy" fans need not fret, though. The comic strip will now appear on news site (the panel above is part of today's inaugural strip). And in what may be a first in the history of Philippine comics, Medina will provide alternate versions of the strip's last panel or punchline and readers can vote for the one they like best. How cool is that?

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