Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup: Gameday Scenes, 25 May 2013

FilOil 2013: JRU Heavy Bombers vs. Arellano Chiefs, May 25
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

Oh hey, Arellano University found him!

FilOil 2013: JRU Heavy Bombers vs. Arellano Chiefs, May 25
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

Who would win a jeans-off between the Aerial Voyager and His Airness?

FilOil 2013: Perpetual Help Altas vs. San Beda Red Lions, May 25
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

"I feel my back teeth are floating. Can you check?"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kaleidoscope Gump

Four years after the death of the late great Francis Magalona, his son Elmo has reworked "Kaleidoscope World," one of FrancisM's signature songs from the 1995 album Freeman.

Even the original track's Raymond Red-directed music video has been updated, with the younger Magalona being inserted into the old footage, Forrest Gump-style.

Setting aside the fact that it's a promotional gimmick for a well-known snack brand, this new video is quite remarkable. Here is the original for comparison purposes:

Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup: Gameday Scenes, 18 May 2013

FilOil 2013: San Beda Red Lions vs. FEU Tamaraws, May 18
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

Playing with or against the Semerads—double the trouble, or twice the fun?

FilOil 2013: Adamson Falcons vs. CSB Blazers, May 18
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

What are the odds he's a fan of P-Funk?

FilOil 2013: UST Growling Tigers vs. UE Red Warriors, May 18
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

"Where am I?"

"The 'Pit of Despair! Don't even think—[clears throat]"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup Jerseyvaluation: UE Red Warriors

The University of the East Red Warriors are competing in the Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup in these uniforms:

FilOil 2013: De La Salle Green Archers vs. UE Red Warriors, May 25
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

FilOil 2013: De La Salle Green Archers vs. UE Red Warriors, May 25
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

Those four figures on the side panels are a head-scratcher. They must mean something, but I can't figure out what.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup: Gameday Scenes, 11 May 2013

FilOil 2013: UST Growling Tigers vs. Letran Knights, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

He better be calling for a play, not a commercial.

FilOil 2013: FEU Tamaraws vs. UP Fighting Maroons, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

This is going to be the easiest round of Dr. Kwak-kwak ever.

FilOil 2013: FEU Tamaraws vs. UP Fighting Maroons, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

That's one big step for a man….

FilOil 2013: NU Bulldogs vs. Arellano Chiefs, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

"See how adorable my teammates look trying to score without me."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Jerie Pingoy Plot Thickens

I guessed it: FEU won't give Jerie Pingoy his release papers that would let him play for Ateneo de Manila University in UAAP Season 76 without serving the two-year residency period now required of high school graduates of a UAAP member-school who transfer to another for college.

The Far Eastern University camp—well, the school's representative to the UAAP Board of Trustees and Tamaraws team manager Anton Montinola, at least—must be royally ticked at the two-time UAAP Juniors Most Valuable Player. Consider these statements in the article linked to above:
"No," Montinola stated curtly in a text message to when asked if FEU will give Pingoy his release papers.

"He may transfer to San Beda so that he can play already this June 2013 in the NCAA. No need to sit for two years residency if he plays in the NCAA," Montinola said.

"ADMU officials and the UAAP board are aware of this solution," Montinola, incidentally an Ateneo alumnus, added.
Wow, you can almost feel the spite from here. But why the intransigence?

The whole truth will only ever be known to UAAP insiders, but the public statements of the personalities involved perhaps give the general public the rudiments of the story.

It appears the then-eighteen-year-old Pingoy, assisted by his father, had already committed, in writing no less, to go to FEU for college and play for the Tamaraws. The school's athletic director revealed this as early as October 2012 when the Pingoy-to-Ateneo news first surfaced.

Montinola also said as much in another story:
"Hindi naman siya ang nagsalita, it's the father and hindi si Koko (Pingoy's nickname)," said Montinola. "And yes, we have a signed contract. There is nothing really to comment about here because ang sinasabi ni Koko, gusto niya maglaro para sa FEU."

"Sana naman, respetuhin 'yung kagustuhan ng bata dahil siya naman ang maglalaro. We will see, but as far as we know, Koko wants to play for FEU," he said.
Pingoy, however, had a different take:
"It’s not an official contract. It’s just an agreement that states that FEU will support my schooling as well as my siblings' next season, should I join them."
Take note: "should." The FEU camp, on the other hand, apparently believed that Pingoy would join the Tams. And therein lies the root of their seeming pique.

But honestly now, does anyone truly believe the (disingenuous) justification that the Pingoy rule was intended to protect the high school programs of UAAP member-schools? Or that it merely seeks to synchronize the various residency periods required by the league?

Let's face it: the lengthening of the residency period was meant to discourage Pingoy from going to Ateneo, the athletes from less-prominent sports getting caught in the crossfire be damned. This refusal to sign his release papers is meant to punish him for sticking with his decision to join the Blue Eagles, and to spite Ateneo for engineering what may turn out to be a recruitment coup.

The FEU camp should get off their high horse and quit this petty and ridiculous attempt at making an example out of Pingoy and Ateneo. They're only cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Check out this story from the US NCAA. Sounds familiar?

Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup Jerseyvaluation: UP Fighting Maroons

Here are the uniforms the Handyman University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons are using in the Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup:

FilOil 2013: FEU Tamaraws vs. UP Fighting Maroons, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

FilOil 2013: FEU Tamaraws vs. UP Fighting Maroons, May 11
[Photo credit: Jan Dizon for Inboundpass]

They're almost the same as the ones they used in this tournament last year and the year before. About the only difference I can see is that the university seal on the jersey's front has been replaced by the school's name. I wonder if they're mixing and matching the light and dark sides of that (possibly reversible) uniform like they did in 2011.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pido Jarencio Is Lucky He's Not In The NBA

At a press conference following his team's comeback victory in the Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup last week, UST Growling Tigers head coach Pido Jarencio was quoted as saying:

From the recap of the game:
"Down kami by 17, sabi ko sa players ko, ang hindi dumepensa bakla," said UST coach Pido Jarencio. "Ayun dumepensa sila kaya Heman (super hero) sila."
I waited a week before blogging about this, just to see if there would be reactions to Jarencio's statement. But it seems there is none. Very few are paying attention to the preseason tournaments, I guess.

Coach Pido is lucky he's not in the National Basketball Association, where similar language would've set him back a few (hundred) thousand pesos in fines like it did players like Kobe Bryant, Amar'e Stoudemire, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson. He would've had to issue some kind of public apology, maybe even enroll in a gender-sensitivity seminar as a public relations move.

To be fair to him, Coach Pido likely used the word as an insult; he didn't mean to bash homosexuals per se. Maybe his taunting even "worked." The Growling Tigers went on to win the game, after all.

But someone please tell him that with Jason Collins—who parlayed his defensive play into a twelve-year NBA career—coming out (on the cover of Sports Illustrated, no less) and becoming *deep breath* "the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to come out publicly as gay," "bakla" is no longer the insult to basketball players that Jarencio seems to think it is.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time For A Music Break

Just to break the monotony around these parts, here's Toto Sorioso and his band playing "Wag Mong Isipin," which won him first place in the 1st FILSCAP Songwriting Competition back in 2010 and was included in the contest compilation album.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Name's Going To Be In Your Book (And I Won't Even Have To Vandalize It)

That's achievement unlocked-grade sheet right there.

Thanks, Y. And you're welcome.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

UAAP Amends Controversial Two-Year Residency Rule Ahead Of Season 76 Opening reports that in advance of its Season 76 opening on June 29 the UAAP has amended its new and ultra-controversial two-year residency rule for high school graduates transferring from one member-school to another for college, dubbed the "Jerie Pingoy rule" after the former FEU-FERN Baby Tamaraw and two-time UAAP Juniors MVP who has joined the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

From the UAAP statement:
The UAAP Board of Trustees, at its Annual Board Meeting held on April 24, with all of the member universities duly represented, promulgated and approved the following explanatory rule to the two-year residency requirement effective UAAP Season 76 (School Year 2013-2014):

An incoming collegiate athlete who is a high school graduate from a UAAP member university and enrolled in another member university shall take a mandatory two-year residency, except when a prior release is issued by the member university for the athletes concerned.

The two-year residency from high school to college shall cover incoming student athletes effective UAAP Season 76 (School Year 2013-2014). The release form shall be duly signed by any UAAP board member of the member university concerned.
It's essentially the "Soc Rivera rule"—named after another former FEU-FERN star—albeit two years long. (What is it with these Baby Tams?)

While I'm glad the league's Rules Committee and Board of Trustees have heard the call of various quarters for the new rule to be changed, this new development will likely open the doors for further shenanigans. Does anyone think, given all that has transpired (not to mention the likely bad blood), that Pingoy's old school will issue his release paperslet alone release him in time to be eligible to play for Ateneo in UAAP Season 76or do so without any "consideration"?

[13 May 2013 Edit]

Sportswriter Joey S. Villar is reporting that per Ateneo’s board representative Ricky Palou, the amendment is still a proposal, although it will probably be approved during the Board's next meeting on May 18.

Well the league has already released a statement, so the amendment is likely a fait accompli.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

UAAP Season 76 Set To Open On June 29

ABS-CBN Sports, the UAAP's media partner, has announced that the Season 76 will open in 50 days.

I didn't look into the implications the first time I read that; it was only today that I realized it meant Season 76—and necessarily the centerpiece Men's Basketball tournament—will start on Saturday, June 29. That's an adjustment of sorts for the UAAP, which for the past four years has opened in the second weekend of July.

I'm guessing the reason for the change is the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship for Men that will be held in Manila from August 1 to 11. Perhaps the UAAP is doing its part to ensure that in early August at least, the Asian basketball championships will be the only game in town. Surely it's not due to a lack of playing venues. Although the Mall of Asia Arena and the Ninoy Aquino Stadium will be in use for the FIBA Asia tournament, the UAAP still has the PhilSports Arena, the Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan, and the Araneta Coliseum—arenas where the league has staged majority of its basketball games in recent years—as possible venues.

One other effect of the UAAP opening day moving up the calendar? The interval between the 2012-2013 NBA Finals (which could end as late as June 20) and the start of Season 76 is lessened. That's a boon for those among us who need their basketball fix.

[24 May 2013]

Here's one other change in the upcoming season: the Men's basketball games will be held on Wednesday, Saturdays, and Sundays instead of the Thursday-Saturday-Sunday schedule in years past.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

PCIJ And Comelec Tap Kiefer Ravena For An Election PSA

Ateneo Blue Eagles star Kiefer Ravena really knows how to put his celebrity to good use. Here he is in a public service announcement for the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and the Commission on Elections.

[Hat tip: FireQuinito on Twitter]

That Ravena, a college athlete who's not even twenty years old, is now the face of numerous products and causes shows how far the UAAP has come.

If memory serves me right, as late as 2002 when the Blue Eagles were winning their first Men's Basketball championship following a thirteen-year title drought, no one on the squad, let alone the league, appeared in advertisements. That would change with Chris Tiu, who joined the team the very next year, but I think even he had just the one product endorsement while he was playing for the ol' Blue and White.

Fast-forward a mere decade and already I can't count with one hand the number of active endorsements Kiefer has.

Setting aside the thorny issue of the propriety of collegiate or amateur athletes having endorsement deals, it's a testament to Ravena and the people around him that they've been able to maintain, even grow, his quote-unquote brand. From all appearances he seems levelheaded, keeps his nose clean, and maintains that wholesome reputation that makes him a good role model as well as a sought-after product pitchman. The Ateneo community cannot sing this young man's praises enough.

(But did he really have to wear those colors for a photo op for his latest endorsement? Ha ha.)

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup: Gameday Scenes, 4 May 2013

FilOil 2013: Arellano Chiefs vs. Adamson Falcons, May 4
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Pictures similar to this helped earn Samboy Lim the moniker
"Skywalker" back in the day.

FilOil 2013: Arellano Chiefs vs. Adamson Falcons, May 4
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

You only have to read the name on that jersey to know how
this particular play ends.

FilOil 2013: Arellano Chiefs vs. Adamson Falcons, May 4
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

Ingrid Sewa lurking (well, as much as a 6'9" tall man can lurk).