Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup: Updated Televised Elimination Round Games Schedule

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Studio 23 will be broadcasting live only the 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday games of the 2013 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Premier Cup. Below are the matches to be aired, which, incidentally, are all Seniors division games.
April 13
2 p.m. – SBC vs. NU
4 p.m. – UST vs. DLSU

April 20
2 p.m. – DLSU vs. SWU
4 p.m. – ADMU vs. UST

April 27
2 p.m. – UPHSD vs. FEU
4 p.m. – NU vs. JRU

May 4
2 p.m. – SWU vs. UST
4 p.m. – NU vs. UPHSD

May 11
2 p.m. – NU vs. AU
4 p.m. – FEU vs. UP

May 18
2 p.m. – UST vs. UE
4 p.m. – SBC vs. FEU

May 25
2 p.m. – UPHSD vs. SBC
4 p.m. – DLSU vs. UE

June 1
2 p.m. – AdU vs. SBC
4 p.m. – ADMU vs. DLSU
So that's four televised games each for NU and DLSU, the 2012 Premier Cup finalists who didn't make it out of the UAAP Final Four last season; SBC, fourth placer here last year and the reigning three-time NCAA champion; and UST, the losing UAAP finalist last season.

UPHSD, a Final Four team in the NCAA last year, and FEU, one of the bottom four teams in the UAAP last season, both have three televised games each.

Meanwhile, last year's Premier Cup third placer and the reigning five-time UAAP champion Ateneo only gets two. The Blue Eagles didn't even rate a televised game on Opening Day.

Were I the conspiracy theorist type I'd probably rail that that's a diss and/or an early indication of what the so-called experts think of the current Ateneo lineup, then quickly invoke Bill Simmons' "Nobody Believes In Us Theory." But there's a plausible explanation why, in this tournament at least, other teams will be on TV more: the Blue Eagles do not have a Filoil game in May when the team usually goes abroad for a training camp. Although Ateneo is one of the Premier Cup's top attractions, I assume it was hard for the tournament organizers to work around that month-long absence and give the Blue Eagles more TV time.

[Hat tip to Inboundpass for the updated schedule.]

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