Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today In Wikipedia Pranks: The Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles

If Wikipedia is to be believed, this is the roster that won for the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles their fifth straight UAAP Men's Basketball title:

ADMU Blue Eagles UAAP Season 75 roster on Wikipedia as of 19 March 2013.
[Image grabbed from here.]

Someone's been having a bit of fun with the Blue Eagles' page (seriously—a 4'7" center; a 5'3" small forward; a 325 lbs. small forward/shooting guard; a 4'5" power forward; players named "Piding Asim," "Bulbulito Bayagba," and "Bartolome Madlangtuta"; a playing coach/co-captain). Either that, or there really are alternate universes (which would be awesome). Well done.

[10:35 PM Edit]

I think it's still ongoing—the profile of one of the "players" has been updated:

[21 March 2013 Edit]

Joke time's over, the page has been fixed. Until next time, pranksters.

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