Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sadly, I Think This Will Never End

Here's an ad that I noticed on Facebook:

Poor girl. Nearly three years have passed yet she remains the poster child for "scandals" in the Philippines. I fear she's going to be "It" until the next hapless famous person comes along. Perhaps not even then.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stay Classy, Chot Reyes

I'm not a Chot Reyes fan (for much of the same reasons outlined by this blogger), but I doff my metaphorical hat to the multi-titled basketball coach for not stooping to the level of this doofus:

[Image grabbed from here.]

(Contrast that with his wife's understandably more combative response to the same obnoxious Tweet. You don't mess with Mama Bear!)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Small Achievement This Early In The Year

Well, what do you know? I've already exceeded by two titles my entire book tally last year, and it's only March! In that (admittedly minor) respect at least, you could say my 2012 is already better than my 2011.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Padre Roque Ferriols Blogs

A few days back Y alerted me to a Tweet announcing one of the coolest things ever: the legendary Fr. Roque Ferriols, S.J. is now blogging.

The blog in question is entitled Malagipko, which, I'm told, is Ilocano for "I remember." The entries, written almost entirely in Filipino, are apparently from Padre Ferriols' handwritten journal and are being encoded and posted for him without much copy editing or formatting.

There have only been a few posts so far but it's shaping up to be a memoir of his early days in the Society of Jesus just before World War II broke out. I'm not ashamed to say I got a little misty-eyed at this bit from the third entry:
itong araw na ito May, 30,1941 ay isang araw na dakila sa aking buhay sa araw na ito binuksan sa akin ng kapisanan ni hesus ang kanyang pintuan, mula ngayon ang kapisanan ay ang ligaya ko at ang lungkot ko, at ako naman ay naging ligaya niya at lungkot niya
Loosely translated it reads:
This day, May 30, 1941, is a great day in my life. On this day the Society of Jesus opened its door to me; from now on, the Society is my joy and my sorrow, and in turn I became its joy and its sorrow.
Trust me, it sounds more poignant in the original. When I read it I couldn't help going, (Expletive), ang galing!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thanks For The Memories, Karl Roy

[Photo credit: darylljann on Flickr.]

By now almost everyone knows that Pinoy rock great Karl Roy has passed away. I wanted to write a proper blog entry, but I couldn't organize my thoughts enough. After a few aborted attempts I gave up and just dumped them here in bullet points.
  • True story: My chest tightened up as I read the statement from Roy's sister confirming his passing. I'd like to think that meant I was indeed a fan. After all, I wasn't that affected when I heard about what happened to Whitney Houston, or to Bodjie Dasig of Bodjie's Law of Gravity fame.
  • I missed seeing all of Roy's bands play live.

    Advent Call came to Naga City when I was still a high school student there. They played a multi-band concert at the Plaza Quezon during one Pe├▒afrancia Festival. I didn't go. Rock concerts then could be dangerous to your health; a fight or two almost always broke out.

    P.O.T. and Kapatid, meanwhile, I saw many times from the late '90s to the early '00s.
  • P.O.T.'s self-titled debut album only came out during the summer before my sophomore year in college. But from that point on, P.O.T. was part of the soundtrack of my college years.

    My boardmate L beat me and bought the album first when it was released. Still, I think I played that cassette tape(!) more than he ever did.
  • Whenever I sing (sing daw, o) along to "Panaginip" I always replace "yakap" with "singit." I also add a "f******" to the pre-chorus of "F.Y.B." It's because A) I'm juvenile and B) that's how Roy used to sing those songs live.
  • People are parsing his bands' songs, looking for any lyric that sounds remotely like a premonition.

    For example, there's the Advent Call song "Puting Ilaw" that opens, "Saan ang langit, kaibigan / Saan pangakong kaligayahan / Aling daan tungo sa paraiso / Pag-ibig natin, iisang damdamin."

    And of the entire Kapatid discography, "Prayer" seems extra poignant now.

    My own bet, though, is the P.O.T. song "Piece of This." After all it starts, "Farewell to my friends / Thought I'd leave you all behind, yeah oh no."
  • In those multi-band concerts in Ateneo P.O.T. almost always played last. That was because they were a very tough act to follow.

    A typical P.O.T. performance was full of energy, to put it mildly. The band never failed to incite mad slamdancing and headbanging. Walaan talaga. Often the crowd would get up onstage with them.

    Pity any act that had to follow that. They had to play to a relatively sedate crowd that was still trying to catch its collective breath after the Roy and company-inspired mayhem.
  • Having a favorite band is awesome; having friends who also like your favorite band is awesome-r.

    In college J and I used to try to sing "Ulitin" while walking to our next class. We could never get the lyrics right, but we didn't care.

    R, meanwhile, once bootlegged a P.O.T. concert at the now-defunct Tia Maria's across Ateneo. It was a kick-ass show, as usual. Between songs Roy kept asking for "Pulang Kabayo, Pulang Kabayo." I remember listening to the tape days later and being pissed at myself for missing that gig.
  • All Filipino showbands have Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" in their back pockets, but P.O.T had the cover version to end all cover versions. To this day I can't bear listening to any other band playing that song.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

UAAP Season 74: Cinderella Season Ends For Ateneo Lady Spikers And Blue Batters

Sadly, the championship dreams of the Ateneo Lady Spikers and Blue Batters were dashed on consecutive days.

But if it's any consolation, those squads have already made history. UAAP Season 74 marked the first time Ateneo made it to the finals in baseball and women's volleyball.

Plus, there's no shame in losing to more experienced teams. DLSU was the defending women's volleyball champions. NU was a baseball finalist in Seasons 72 and 73. It only goes to show that while the Lady Spikers and the Blue Batters made giant strides this year, they still have a long way to go before they garner championship gold.

In the meantime they can look to the University's most high-profile team for inspiration. Remember that the Blue Eagles tasted bitter finals defeats before bouncing back and capturing multiple men's basketball crowns. They lost in the finals of UAAP Seasons 64, 66, and 69, then triumphed in Seasons 65, 71, 72, 73, and 74.

Mark my words: the Lady Spikers and the Blue Batters will be champions soon enough. It just wasn't their time yet this year.