Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Blog Discovery: The Peripheral Universe

I recently discovered a (music) blog called The Peripheral Universe. It's relatively new, but the entries are very well-written. I particularly like the "Hear It Is" series, which features interviews with Filipino musicians presented as oral histories. So far they've interviewed the likes of Katwo Puertollano (née Librando), Vin Dancel, Diego Castillo, and Mikey Amistoso and Marie Jamora.

In the latest installment, Mike Villegas shares an intriguing thought about the late Karl Roy:
I’m very careful of how I would call something an icon. I remember—and he’s one of the greatest performers OPM has ever seen—Karl Roy was and is a fucking icon. Pero after "Panaginip," ano yung naaalala mong kanta na ginawa niya? And that’s not to flog the man and what he did for the scene. But I remember fully well that people were calling him an icon when he was still alive, and it may not have been the most positive thing for him, personally. All of a sudden he had to be this thing that performed like that—which is great—but he also had to manifest the naughtiness of the scene every time. It’s like if he didn’t act the way he did or do the stuff he did, the way he did, he wouldn’t be an icon. And I would rather he wrote more music, or he made more of a name for himself as a songwriter or a creator, as opposed to the wild man that he is offstage. He was amazing onstage, but I really think that the icon aspect of his life had more to do with his life off the stage. Don’t get me wrong, I love the man to bits, but I wish he was still alive and sharing more music with us. I mean, "Yugyugan" is a cover.
It's something to chew on, that the fans may have contributed somewhat to Roy's offstage troubles.

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