Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 2012 In Books

These are the books I finished in 2012:
  • The Stone Cold Truth by Stone Cold Steve Austin with Jim "J.R." Ross as told to Dennis Brent
  • Total Access: A Journey to the Center of the NFL Universe by Rich Eisen
  • Confessions of a White House Ghostwriter: Five Presidents and Other Political Adventures by James C. Humes
  • Git-R-Done by Larry the Cable Guy
  • If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer?: Philadelphia, Its Faithful, and the Eternal Quest for Sports Salvation by Jere Longman
  • All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell
  • Mens Rea and Other Stories by Lakambini A. Sitoy
  • The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly
  • Interim Goddess of Love by Mina V. Esguerra
  • The God Equation and Other Stories by Michael A.R. Co
  • About a Boy by Nick Hornby
  • The Rant Zone: An All-Out Blitz Against Soul-Sucking Jobs, Twisted Child Stars, Holistic Loons, and People Who Eat Their Dogs! by Dennis Miller
  • A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.
  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  • A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
  • The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy
  • Jeff Gordon: Racing Back to the Front—My Memoir by Jeff Gordon with Steve Eubanks
  • The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly
  • A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin
  • A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
  • Citizen Soldiers: The US Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany by Stephen E. Ambrose
  • Fever Pitch: A Fan's Life by Nick Hornby
  • Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics by "Anonymous" (later revealed to be Joe Klein)
  • The Sounds of Star Wars by J. W. Rinzler
  • The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
  • The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
  • The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly
  • Predator by Patricia Cornwell
  • Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
  • Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
The number isn't something to write home about, but I give myself credit for at least doubling last year's total.

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