Monday, July 30, 2012

The Past and the Spurious Fourth Anniversary

The Past and the Spurious is four years old today! This is now Post No. 643. As usual, here are the visitor stats from the past year.

[Graphic grabbed from Site Meter]

The numbers since I marked an anniversary last have been surprising. This past May, my small wish to get site visits in quadruple digits for twelve straight months finally came true. Also in the last year, TPaTS received double the number of site visits from its first three.

I know, I know, those aren't much to brag about, especially when compared to other blogs out there. But compared to TPaTS' first year when this blog received only 220 visits a month, that's a great improvement. It's a little satisfying (and a lot mortifying) to imagine that many eyeballs landing on this corner of the Interwebs and seeing the generally mundane stuff I've posted here as is my wont.

So in addition to those I mentioned last year and the years before that, I thank those who wasted spent a few seconds of their time browsing here. Oh, and the four more Followers I gained: Clifford Jeith; Money; Strange-Wonder; and Debbie Anne of Bride in a Pink Dress. See you next year!

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