Monday, June 11, 2012

GPOY: Where We Were Last Year

A year ago today two of our friends married each other. Here's a photo of the (incomplete) gang clowning around at the reception.

[Image grabbed from here.]

I found it amusing then that our friends decided to tie the knot the day before Independence Day. Their wedding giveaway was a nostalgic treat: a package containing childhood favorites Orange Swits, Goya Chocolate Coin, Haw Flakes, Peter's Butter Ball, Lala Milk & Chocolate, Flat Tops, Tarzan Bubble Gum, Frooty Bubble Pop, Kendi Mint, Judge Chewing Gum, Stay Fresh Menthol Candies, Goya Chocolate, and Vi-Va Caramel Sweets.

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  1. One of the best wedding giveaways ever! I didn't even share the contents... haha!


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