Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Randomest Of Random Thoughts

Today, out of nowhere, I thought to myself: Alt codes are cool.

(I know, right?)

The use of Alt codes is one of the few things I still remember from my high school Computer Ed classes, which are so far in the past now I had to ask former classmates which among dBASE III+, Turbo Pascal, and C++ we took up back in the day since I couldn't remember it myself. And I barely passed those subjects to begin with. I scratch my head why I once applied—and got accepted—to major in Computer Science.

For the record, of the Alt codes that I know (all five of them), the three I enjoy using the most, in descending order, are: Alt+164 for the letter eñe or "ñ"; Alt+0133 for the ellipsis or "…"; and Alt+0151 for the em dash or "—".

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