Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toto Sorioso's Music Video For "Himala Ay Nawala" Is Out

Oh hey, our friendly neighborhood singer/songwriter/musician Toto Sorioso has a new music video out.

The song is called "Himala ay Nawala" off the album Totoismo, which is available in various record outlets nationwide. "Himala" is available for download as a ringback tone and, along with the other tracks from the album, from online digital media stores like iTunes and

But that's not all.

Toto has also been chosen as one of the 14 finalists in the 1st Philippine Popular Music Festival (Philpop) songwriting competition. He beat out thousands of other songwriters with his entry titled "Tayo-tayo Lang," which will be recorded and included in an album of the top contest entries, and is now in the running for the PHP1 million grand prize that will be announced in mid-July.

How cool would that be if he won?

[15 July 2012 Edit]

Toto placed second!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UAAP 2012 Preseason Jerseyvaluation: ADMU Blue Eagles

On Twitter Kiefer Ravena shared this photo, apparently taken at a Nike photo shoot, of him and fellow Blue Eagles Nico Salva and Greg Slaughter wearing their new Ateneo jerseys.

[Photo from Kiefer Ravena's Instagram.]

Is that the uniform the Blue Eagles will use in UAAP Season 75 beginning July? Or is that just for the June 2 clash against archrival La Salle in the Filoil Flying V Preseason Hanes Cup? I guess we'll see. But swell job, Nike!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kiefer Ravena Brings Back Generous Soles

I've blogged about Generous Soles, the outreach program co-headed by Kiefer Ravena of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles, in the past. The project was a success so they're staging it again this year.

[Screen grab from here.]

According to Ravena, those interested in contributing can drop off their donations at the Moro Lorenzo Gym in Ateneo de Manila.

Why do I keep mentioning Generous Soles in this space, you may ask. Well, it's because the program beneficiaries are student-athletes from Naga City, some of them even coming from my high school alma mater.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Filoil Flying V Hanes Preseason Cup Jerseyvaluation: UE Red Warriors

The white trim on the UE jersey works very well. They've kept the design free from excessive accents.

2012 FilOil Flying V Preseason Cup
[Photo credit: Inboundpass]

2012 FilOil Flying V Preseason Cup
[Photo credit: Carl Sta. Ana for Inboundpass

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Randomest Of Random Thoughts

Today, out of nowhere, I thought to myself: Alt codes are cool.

(I know, right?)

The use of Alt codes is one of the few things I still remember from my high school Computer Ed classes, which are so far in the past now I had to ask former classmates which among dBASE III+, Turbo Pascal, and C++ we took up back in the day since I couldn't remember it myself. And I barely passed those subjects to begin with. I scratch my head why I once applied—and got accepted—to major in Computer Science.

For the record, of the Alt codes that I know (all five of them), the three I enjoy using the most, in descending order, are: Alt+164 for the letter eñe or "ñ"; Alt+0133 for the ellipsis or "…"; and Alt+0151 for the em dash or "—".

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Gonna Set It Straight

Today this song is on repeat.

I can just barely resist the urge to headbang and/or slamdance (are those terms still in use?) whenever I hear "Sabotage." Because of that, it still is the Beastie Boys song I like best and one of my go-to hype tracks. It was perfect for that one scene in Star Trek.

Rest in peace, MCA. May you get that goat.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GPOYW: That I Wish You Saw

Don't be alarmed; it's not what it looks like. That's just me losing to a sack full of oysters early last month (although it looked gruesome at the time).

Even if Shane Falco is correct, that's still a pretty lame backstory, ha ha. Same goes for my baking pan burn scar inches up the same arm.