Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FML: F*** My Lomi

One of my first five conscious thoughts today was, Gusto ko ng lomi. I know, how completely random. But that, I think, has been one of the side effects of quitting—more and more I get these out-of-left-field food cravings as if I'm coddamn pregnant. *cough* I already have the belly for it. *cough*

And when I say "lomi" this is what I have in mind. Or this, only without the shrimps:

[Photo credit: whologwhy on Flickr]

I was really, really looking forward to my lomi moment (if only because I could only get away for lunch at 3 p.m., when I was this close to passing out from hunger), so imagine how my face fell when what I was served looked nothing like what I saw with my mind's eye. Sure it had the familiar thickish soup and no shrimp, but there was also none of those thick (egg?) noodles that are a joy to slurp. They used the smaller and flatter noodles they would normally use in pancit canton. But of course I still ate it. The alternative, disappointment, was less filling.

And no, I am not springing for the Chowking version. Please, if there is a god, don't leave me no choice but to spring for the Chowking version.

I almost didn't publish this post. Then I thought, It would be fun to make my (male) friends snicker by blogging about the joys of slurping thick noodles.

[19 April 2012 Update]

I went to a different place, and what they served was this close to what I had in mind. Again, it was the noodles that didn't look right. There was no shrimp but there was some squid thrown in. It wasn't a deal breaker though. The serving may have been good for two people but I ate it, all of it.


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