Saturday, February 11, 2012

Junior Year Senior Moment

This below is old news but I'm sharing it anyway. It reminds me of a similar experience that in hindsight I find amusing (but I didn't spend two nights in jail like poor Lolo Ricardo here.)
Old man jailed in Manila over chocolates

MANILA, Philippines – A 79-year-old man spent 2 nights in jail after a grocery store clerk accused him of stealing a bag of chocolates at a grocery store in Manila.

Ricardo Castro, a resident of Manila, was released from a detention cell in Manila Police District Station 2 on Wednesday after the theft case filed against him was dismissed.

Castro denied that he stole the chocolates worth P36 from the grocery store. He claimed that he simply forgot to pay for it, saying that he paid for the other items he bought.

Full story…
I've mentioned a few times that in college I had my summer practicum with MTV Asia. This was before MTV Philippines was launched, and they were still operating out of PM Apartments along Matalino Street in Diliman, Quezon City.

For lunch on my first day I went to the turo-turo right beside PM Apartments. After eating, I stood up and returned to the office, forgetting to pay for my meal. No one called after me. Maybe they were stunned I seemingly pulled an eat-and-run in broad daylight; maybe I just didn't hear them.

It was only at quitting time—when I saw my pocket money for the day was still intact—that I realized I didn't pay for my lunch. I went back to the turo-turo and handed over my payment, all the while apologizing profusely for my absent-mindedness earlier. I remember they didn't say much in response, and it seemed they didn't even remember me. They probably thought I was dumb to come back and pay for what was already a freebie.


  1. Reading that article also reminded me of a similar incident. I was in Jakarta, home from college, and my best friend and I were eating lunch at a restaurant in the food court in our favourite mall. When we were done, we stood up, walked around, tried on clothes, gossiping the whole time when we decided to get ice cream before going home. THAT's when we realized that we were only opening our wallets for the first time that day. We ran back to the restaurant, paid, over-tipped, apologizing the whole time. They were so happy to see us back. I guess that would've come out of their paychecks. We were so relieved we remembered and were super embarrassed :-s


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