Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me Email You Long Time

A friend has had to retire a longtime email address; her account had apparently been broken into by someone in Finland. I figured as much when over the weekend, I received an email from that account with the heading "I am finally became Boss." There's no way my writer friend would send that, even as a gag.

Speaking of longtime accounts, I still have my decade-and-a-half old Yahoo! Mail address. It's not the first Web-based email service I signed up for; I originally had an account with RocketMail (yes, I'm that old) but it was assimilated by Yahoo! Mail. So when I learned a while back that you can actually opt for an account with an @rocketmail.com address, for nostalgia's sake I signed up for one. I've already reclaimed my very first email address, even if I don't actually use it.

[11 February 2012 Update]

Further proof of the hacking: in one of my other accounts I received a different email, this one with the heading "I am my own boss try it out for yourself‏."

Tubuan nawa ng pigsa sa puwit 'yung hacker.


  1. Rocketmail! When I was making my first email address, I was choosing between Rocketmail and Hotmail. I went for Hotmail instead. Man, those were the fun first days of email. I still remember that old address (which is gone now).

    My longest surviving email to date now is my yahoo mail - which I keep just for ym :p

    1. I also have Hotmail. Can't remember when I got it. Probably after college. I use it mainly for signing up for online accounts.

      Also: I always get curious when people say an email account/address is "gone" or "lost." Because it's either they choose to no longer use it, or they lost the password, ha ha.

    2. haha yeah, exactly that. Gone cos you can't remember the password na!


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