Monday, January 16, 2012

Ateneo De Naga University Press Launch

This Friday afternoon, 20 January 2012, the Ateneo de Naga University Press will be launched (yet again?):
Ateneo de Naga Opens University Press, Launches 2 books of Bikol Translations

Naga City—The Ateneo de Naga University opens 2012 with the formal opening of its university press by launching books of translations in Bikol by two of the region's noted contemporary writers. When it is launched on Friday, January 20, 2012, the AdNU Press is the newest addition to the list of academic publishing centers in the country.

Fr. Wilmer Joseph S. Tria, AdNU Press Director, discloses that one of its goals is to become the premier resource of Bikoliana in the world. As an academic publishing house, AdNU Press is open to all who are interested to have a manuscript published. Fr. Tria further adds that optimum quality of materials to be published is a primary requirement, and, therefore, as practiced by university presses worldwide, all submitted manuscripts will be subjected to necessary evaluations.

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The event will be held at the James J. O'Brien, S.J. Library, and will feature a lecture on academic publishing from Maricor Baytion, Director and Marketing Manager of the Ateneo de Manila University Press, as well as the launch of two AdNU Press books.

AdNU Press' initial offerings for 2012 include Doros asín mga Anghél: Translations in Bikol of John Donne's Holy Sonnets and Selected Works by Victor Dennis T. Nierva.

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Nierva is the author of the multi-award-winning Antisipasyon asin iba pang Rawitdawit sa Bikol asin Ingles.* Doros asín mga Anghél** is his second book.

Congratulations, Pading Vic!

This is the (new?) AdNU Press logo:

[Image grabbed from here.]

Classy. That thing on the left is meant to evoke a rotary printing press as well as AdNU's famed Four Pillars, I assume

* Translation: Anticipation and Other Poems in Bikol and English

** Translation: Air and Angels


  1. Uy, thanks for this repost, Padi. This is actually the first launch of the Press, dai pa siya nailaunch before though nagpaublish siya nin nagkapirang libro. This time, it will be an operational university press and it is open to everyone.

    I did the new logo, it's actually a top view of the 'four pillars' in such a way that they'd look like printing rollers.

    1. Mayong kaso yan, padi. Makusog ka sakuya, ha ha. Many thanks for the info. As you can see, I only had that 2005 AdNU website article I found to go by. And I'm quite pleased my hunch about that logo element was close to the mark. More power to you and the Press!


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