Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toto Sorioso Sings "Stay"

Award-winning singer-songwriter Toto Sorioso has a music video out for "Stay," his take on "Stay (I Missed You)" off the 90s Music Comes Alive covers album from MCA Music. I think he did the Lisa Loeb original justice but you don't have to take my word for it—here's the video that music channel MYX is now airing:

You can request the video from MYX via SMS; just type MYX [space] REQUEST [space] STAY and send it to 2366.

There's a different song from the 1990s that I associate with Toto: TQ's "Westside," which we (read: I) used to request during his gigs back in the day at the now-defunct Border Grill along Katipunan Avenue Extension in Quezon City.

[18 December 2011 Edit]

So this happened:

[Screen grab from here.]

This I know: Lisa Loeb is a class act.

[19 December 2011 Edit]

In my original post I wrote that people didn't have to take my word for it that Toto Sorioso did a good job with "Stay." Hopefully, they'll believe Lisa Loeb:

[Screen grab from here.]

There can be no higher praise than that.


  1. ooohh album title pa lang, i'm interested na! i didn't know there was such an album. I'm gonna look for it right after work :D such a 90s junkie. And I happen to love Stay so I can't wait to hear it (can't access youtube at work anymore boo). I hope the other stuff in it is good too.

    What i really want to know is - did he ever take you up on your request? I would've loved to hear that! haha :D

  2. Here is the track list. There are two Radiohead tracks but there's also "Mambo No. 5." That already tells me how good the song lineup is, he he.

    And of course Toto played my request. You can count on him for that, provided, of course, that he knows the song. The dude in Poulsbo used to request stuff from Craig David's debut album.

    Oh, and one time your dude sang with Toto. They played a True Faith song whose title escapes me now.

  3. Jesus Christ, he actually sang?! does no one have this on record?! Or even on pictures??? I'm going to ask him about that later! You can't even make him sing now! haha! At talagang True Faith! Wohoo! hahaha! :D I'm so glad you remember these things because my husband has really crappy memory. We wonder why, hmm? haha!

    Man, wish I could've heard the acoustic version of Westside. Mr. Poulsbo's Craig David requests are totally inspired. I would've loved to hear those too!

    Wish I knew you guys in college. Dunno how that would've worked out that tho! haha!

  4. No pics, no audio or video recordings. I'd like to say that's because we weren't that cruel, but it's probably because camera phones weren't common then, he he.

    Bee-tee-dub your dude isn't bad at that singing thing. Back when we were college freshmen, for laughs before the teacher arrived in class he used to imitate—credibly, may I add—the male parts from "A Whole New World." It never failed to crack me up (even now I'm smiling at the memory). I used to call him "Brad Kane," he he.

    I came to tolerate rap/hip-hop from having to ride with him to places. He had a Busta Rhymes cassette tape(!) in his car, and we used to play that thing from end to end. He could sing/rap along, I couldn't, ha ha.

    And it's a good thing you didn't know us guys when we (or you) were in college. I imagine it would be weird to hang out because we're not exactly contemporaries. It's better that we met when we were all working already.

  5. I'm so happy you told me this :D i had something else to tease him about last night! I did hear some parts, but he needs to hear the song again daw :D nyahahaha! omigod, so funny! But you're right, he can imitate that quite well :-s

    Naabutan ko pa yung cassettes sa car! I would make him play Usher mostly, and I was already going through my own tapes so I could add "noise" to the car, but he got the new car so no more tapes needed. I totally loved that we could play tapes in the car! Speaking of, I found a tape player in S&R and I'm buying that next. Can't let go of my cassettes for some reason :p

    I agree with you, I may have thought you guys "too old" in a college-perspective. My guy friends then were mostly older than me tho, but you guys were older than them so yeah. Hahahaha!

  6. If there were smartphones then, I'm sure we would have recorded Reg singing. What's wrong with Craig David? He's one smooth dude.

  7. @M: Teka, teka, ba't ka defensive, 'ala naman akong sinabi a, he he.


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