Thursday, December 22, 2011

PBA To Stage 2012 Ateneo-La Salle Dream Game

The Philippine Basketball Association has a pre-Valentine's Day treat for followers of the Ateneo-La Salle collegiate rivalry: the "PBA Blue vs. Green Dream Game 2012" featuring former Blue Eagles and Green Archers who now play in Asia's oldest professional basketball league. The exhibition game will be held on 5 February 2012 at the Araneta Coliseum.

"Blue vs. Green"—what, the organizers couldn't get permission to use "Ateneo" and "La Salle"? Also, how fortunate is it that "Ateneo" and "blue" come first before "La Salle" and "green" in a dictionary? As a result, my favorite team always gets billed first.
[Image grabbed from here; alternate poster here.]

Based on the poster above, suiting up for the Blue side are: Doug Kramer (Powerade); Nonoy Baclao (Petron); Rich Alvarez (Talk N' Text); Japeth Aguilar (Talk N' Text), who is a curious choice because he's billed in the PBA as being from Western Kentucky University, the US NCAA Division I school he left Ateneo for after his sophomore year in Loyola Heights; Rabeh Al-Hussaini (Petron); Larry Fonacier (Talk N' Text); Paolo Bugia (Alaska); LA Tenorio (Alaska); Magnum Memberere (Talk N' Text); Wesley Gonzales (Alaska); JC Intal (Ginebra); Eric Salamat (Alaska); and Enrico Villanueva (Ginebra). They will be mentored by Norman Black, who has led the Ateneo Blue Eagles to the last four UAAP championships.

The lineup for the Green side: Rico Maierhofer (Ginebra); Don Allado (Barako Bull); Carlo Sharma (Petron); TY Tang (Rain or Shine); Jerwin Gaco (B-Meg); Mike Cortez (Ginebra); Willie Wilson (Ginebra); Mac Cardona (Meralco); JV Casio (Powerade); Renren Ritualo (; Ryan AraƱa (Rain or Shine); and Joseph Yeo (Petron). Brian Ilad ( completes the lineup, according to a different poster. They will be led by head coach Franz Pumaren, who coached the Green Archers to five UAAP titles, including four straight from 1998-2001.

This latest Ateneo-La Salle alumni exhibition game makes some sense given that 2005's "Ateneo-La Salle Dream Games" resulted in a 1-1 tie and 2008's "PBA Ateneo vs. La Salle Showdown" ended in a 90-all draw. That being said, I'm wary of the possibility that the altercation that marred the 2005 Dream Games will be repeated, especially since Enrico Villanueva and Joseph Yeo have a long-running feud that might or might not have ended. There better be no untoward incident at that February game, though, or organizers will think twice before staging another one of these "all-star" games again.

[23 December 2011 Edit]

Reservation of tickets to the PBA Blue vs. Green Dream Game 2012 may be made online via the Ticketnet website. Ticket prices are as follows:
Patron A (Reserved seating) - PHP1,200
Patron B (Reserved seating) - PHP1,000
Lower Box A (Reserved seating) - PHP1,000
Patron C (Reserved seating) - PHP750
Lower Box B (Reserved seating) - PHP750
Lower Box C (Reserved seating) - PHP750
Upper Box A (Reserved seating) - PHP350
Upper Box B - PHP200
General Admission - PHP50


  1. Isn't that ten ten ritualo right next to the word coliseum?

    Will Al Husseini be healthy enough by then? Isn't he still recovering from an ACL?

  2. Good looking out, Anon. At first I thought that player's jersey number read "1", but when I enlarged the picture I saw it was actually "14." I've already corrected the post.

    Also, the game is over 6 weeks away. Rabeh might have recovered enough from his injury by then. He doesn't need to play major minutes, anyway; he just has to be in uniform for the player introductions and wave to the crowd. Trust Coach Norman to not jeopardize Rabeh's health and career by fielding him when he's not well enough to play.

    Thanks again for the visit and the heads-up. Leave your name next time?


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