Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fatal Posporos Drummer And Her Husband Jam With Metallica

Does anyone else remember the now-defunct band Fatal Posporos? They rose to prominence in the mid-90s as an all-female trio, but were joined years later by Aia de Leon of Imago and Jason Caballa of Twisted Halo. I saw them play live a couple of times when I was in college.

Over the weekend FP drummer Annette Ortiz and her husband Dennis Diaz (who play together in a Metallica cover band and are members of the band's official fan club) were picked by Metallica to perform a song with them during the last leg of the legendary metal band's 30th anniversary concert series.

Hanep. Talk about the ultimate fan experience.

[Hat tip to Francis Brew Reyes.]


  1. syet, i got goosebumps from this!

    and i just want you to know that your inaanak watched half of this video til the end (quietly and intently) haha :D i think i'm training her quite well :D

  2. A child after my own heart, ha ha. Good job, Inay!


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