Monday, November 14, 2011

Kaye Abad In Kamikazee's "Halik" Music Video

Start your week right and watch the music video for Kamikazee's "Halik," the first single from their latest album, Romantico.

Wala pa ring kupas si Kaye Abad, ano? But I'm disappointed the Pinoy Raiden uses a table knife instead of a lightning bolt.

Abad is a frequent Kamikazee collaborator. This is (at least) her third time to appear in the band's music videos after "Martyr Nyebera" and "Director's Cut". I guess it pays to be the lead singer's sister-in-law?

For my money, though, Abad's best performance in a music video to date is still the one for The Pin-Up Girls' "A Cold and Better Place." Too bad that vid isn't available on YouTube.

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