Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update On Generous Soles

After a friend suggested on Twitter that we find out how people can donate to Generous Soles, I immediately contacted Coach Noli Ayo, who was actually a year ahead of me in Ateneo de Naga High School.

I told Coach Ayo that I had come across the AdNU website story on Generous Soles and linked to it on this blog, and that someone had expressed interest in the program.

For his part, Coach Ayo said that he was overwhelmed to know that people are picking up on their little project. He added that he'll look at ways to gather shoes in the Metro Manila area.

From our short exchange, I got the sense that Generous Soles is still in its nascent stages and its founders are taking things slowly but surely. It's a sound strategy—many a commendable program have been torpedoed by their originators' taking on too much, too soon.

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