Monday, May 2, 2011

So Long, Friendster, I Hardly Knew Ye

No longer breaking news: Friendster will delete most of its members' profile information at month's end.

Twitter continues to supply unintended lulz.

Even when it was all the rage I didn't use Friendster much. I won't miss it now. But since it's recommended to download or export your current Friendster data, I logged on for the first time in months to see what's there to save.

Here's what I found: 119 contacts, majority of whom are my friends on Facebook; 15 photos, all of which are also stored at a different image hosting site; and 13 comments and testimonials, some of which are worth keeping for posterity's sake. I've reproduced those here, and except for my name they were written as is.

The first one was from an ex-officemate:
[Tibibord] used to be our Executive Assistant. He's a silent guy who has a knack for sports such as jogging and basketball. Interestingly, he also has the passion for reading and writing. I used to ask him to edit my homework and the correspondences I write for the office. He taught me power point presentation and blogging. His blog entries encouraged me to write more and better prose. I knew I would have been a better writer by now had he stayed further in the Commission. I knew I would have learned a lot from himpersonally and otherwise. His being simple and non judgmental are qualities I'd love to imitate. I hope we get to meet again, [Tibibord] and I wish you success in all your endeavors. Thanks for everything!
The homework referred to were for a couple of his Masteral subjects in Ateneo. He earned his Latin diploma four years ago.

This next one was from another former workmate:
contrary to what he says about himself, [Tibibord] is anything but boring. A human bottomless pit, He can consume vast amounts of beer/chow w/o visible effect.

he taught me that clean underpants are essential in a well planned suicide.

unassuming, full of wit...leaves you witless.
I give sensible advice, don't I?

Finally, I already blogged about this testimonial seven years ago but it's just too good not to share again:
[Tibibord] and I used to trade rock cassette tapes during college. That, and black nail polish. From time to time nowadays, however we trade legal diagnoses to get me out of some serious legal shet. Thanks for the sanity check, [Tibibord]. Cheers to you! "His brilliance is effortless, his sincerity permeates."
There, I've saved what's worth saving. They can burn Friendster to the ground now if they want to.

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