Sunday, May 15, 2011

GPOY: Passing This Around For Signatures

Nearly six years ago Jowett and I (and other friends) petitioned my favorite kulot to start her own blog. I like to think we succeeded.

Now it's her boy's turn.

[Photo from S. "I don't do Twitter, bud" Cayton's FB.]

This time around we're not asking S to start his own blog. That's because even if that would be fun to read—he leads an eventful life, is humorous, and can hold forth intelligently on a variety of subjects—he might blog entirely in his Uga voice. And knowing S, he will blog entirely in his Uga voice.

So we just want him to get on Twitter. Because really, he's missing out on scintillating conversations like this:

Or, as the ever-blunt Jowett put it on FB, he and I were missing him.

(Ang drama ni Mark, ano?)

[9:47 AM Edit]

I just realized that I also mentioned S in my immediately preceding post.


  1. Ayokong malaman yung pinag-uusapan ninyo ni Mark sa twitter. Lotion? DVDs? "Make it my bitch"? Afraid.

    S uncensored in the Land of Twitter? SUPER AFRAID! Hahaha!

  2. He has an iPhone na right? Install install! :D

  3. @C: Ako I'm looking forward to it because of the great chance that the postscript will be, "Hilarity ensued," he he.

    @K: But as R has shown, installation is one thing, actual use is another, ha ha. Teka, baka naman nag-uusap pa sila para synchronized ang entrada nila sa Twitter?

  4. What the..I just saw this. As much fun as it would be for uga & indoy to voice out opinions in cyberspace, I heard that this can now be used against you in the courts. Am pretty sure I'm liable to end up in jail by my 3rd or 4th post due to some narcissistic, racist, pseudo religious, remark I might intentionally post. So, until you are a full fledged savior of the law... ;)

    Best regards,


  5. Indoy is insane! Hahlavet.
    Leo, alliteration ulit. Leo, mag-Manila ka ulit. Hugs!


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