Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Little More Accuracy Can't Hurt

Last night @ANCALERTS tweeted,"Ombudsman compares self to Ninoy," linking to an story headlined, "Merci compares self to Ninoy." Eager to read about a new low the Ombudsman hit, I clicked on the link. I was disappointed. These were the only mentions of Sen. Ninoy Aquino that I found:
Gutierrez said she has no desire to explain herself before lawmakers who are railroading the impeachment process to immediately remove her from office. She also likened herself to the late Sen. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., father of the incumbent President, who had refused to cooperate with the martial law government of then President Ferdinand Marcos

"Mukhang sa tingin ko hindi na dapat dahil bale wala naman ang presence ko dun. They are railroading the process. Why participate in a farce? A moro-moro proceeding? Di ba yun ang sinasabi ni Ninoy Aquino? There was a time he used to say 'Why would I participate in a moro-moro?'" she told radio dzMM.
I couldn't care less whether Atty. Gutierrez gets impeached, but the writers of the story and the headline sure did her a disservice. Judging from her quoted statements, the Ombudsman did not "compare" or "liken" herself to the late Sen. Aquino. The most that I can say is that she attempted to quote him (whether she was able to do so correctly is a different matter); the writers just inferred that the Ombudsman made the comparison. But of course, the latter won't make for a must-read story.

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