Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Official

Vocalist Bamboo Mañalac has confirmed his eponymous band's reported break-up with the following statement:

Hello Everybody,

We started the band 2002 – 2003, playing for small venues or to whoever just wanted to sit down and listen to 4 old dogs that refused to grow up and continued to do what we know we were born to do (it took me awhile. I confess). No one believed in us at the start. Always with a chip on our shoulder we were able and willingly ready to prove doubters wrong.

Here we are 7 or 8 (to the few) years later. (A lifetime in this business.)

Things change.

As a group, we’ve come to a point where you have to trust your gut, your heart and your head and accept that all things change. The hardest part as always is to know when to pack it up and part ways. We've learned that this journey is not only about us but includes all who came for the trip. Family, friends and of course our front row believers who were there for the best reason of all. To simply listen. So it didn't come easy winding down to this decision.


That statement will not appease the group's fans. While it appears to be substantial, it doesn't squarely answer the most important question: Why? Only a handful people know, and perhaps it's best left that way, lest the band be demystified too much.

For now, Mañalac, guitarist Ira Cruz, bassist Nathan Azarcon, and drummer Vic Mercado expect to continue to make music, but no longer as a foursome. Their fans will have to make do with the band's existing catalog, and wait for a reunion concert.

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