Monday, January 3, 2011

Adventures In Food

On the last day of 2010, I tagged along to the central business district in search of dog.

(You read that right. Canis familiaris. We weren't dyslexics on a religious quest for the singular deity.)

The eatery we went to had either run out or stopped serving it (I wasn't sure; the dialogue was in the local dialect). Undeterred, our group braved the horrible, horrible traffic and traveled to the neighboring capital municipality.

At an eatery near the provincial capitol we hit pay dirt. We ordered two different sautéed dishes and both turned out to be delicious, if a bit oily. The food was so good I put my spoon and fork aside midway through the meal and ate with my hands.

A few hours later we went to the city public market to get some dressed broiler cull chicken. There at the live poultry section I finally saw with my own eyes how they prepared chicken for pinikpikan. My education continues.

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