Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes, He Did

Huli ako sa balita as usual, but holy cow, ST won! That sonovagun's going to get his own TV cooking show, woo-hoo!

Of all the photos from that November 30 showdown I've seen so far, I like this candid shot of ST best. If in that picture he's doing what I think he's doing, the Jesuits of Xavier School will be mighty pleased.

[8 December 2010 Edit]

Here is a (!) account of how the November 30 showdown went. Shit just got real, ha ha!


  1. Dude! huli man at magaling, magaling pa rin! he he he... yes I was doing that. I was kind of embarrassed because I hate asking Him for things like this. I knew I had to earn it, but somehow I was weak and I actually asked Him. :-)

  2. There's your proof na labs ka pa rin ni Papa Jesus, he he. We can't wait for the first ep!


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