Saturday, November 20, 2010


My week started with this e-mail from ADMU's Office of University Development and Alumni Relations:
We are happy to announce that the Ateneo de Manila University partnered with Google to provide lifetime Ateneo-domain email addresses for all its alumni. Because of the number of our alumni, we are slowly rolling out the addresses by batch and not sequentially. You are receiving this message because your Google-hosted account in the Ateneo domain has been activated.
Awww, right?

But then again there's this article that says:
And if you're more than a few years out of school, dump the alma mater's account. If you're still using 20 years after graduation, you'll just be the digital equivalent of the middle-aged guy still trying to squeeze on his letterman's jacket.
Screw it, I'm keeping that new e-mail account. It's not an address, after all, but an one. There's a difference. And besides, it hasn't been twenty years since I graduated. Yet.

[Hat tip to J for sharing that piece.]

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