Friday, October 8, 2010

Help A Good Guy Out

My college block- and thesis-mate Sharwin, he of the excellent sports blog From the 50 Peso Seats, was chosen as one of the six finalists for the cooking competition show Clash of the Toque-en Ones. Check out his demo video that Lifestyle Network is now airing. 

Sweet, huh?

The immediate goal now is to get ST to the Top 2. As a huge personal favor to me, please send an e-mail to with the subject "VOTE Sharwin." If you could do it at least daily, even using all your e-mail accounts, I'm sure the universe will find a way to return your kindness.

[16 October 2010 Edit]

Here's his second demo video:

Again, the voting process is very simple. Just send blank e-mails with "Vote Sharwin" on the subject line to Since there's no limit to the number of votes one can send, please vote as often as humanly possible. You can even use the same e-mail address each time.

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  1. dude, thanks for the leg up! my place daw saturday. how about coming down to manila then, huh?


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