Friday, October 29, 2010

Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata

This past Sunday former DWNU 107.5 DJ JaeDee caused a stir when she blogged—and perhaps unknowingly confirmed earlier rumors—about the impending demise of the FM station. In the self-explanatorily titled "News Goose’s Final Report: NU107 is Closing Down!", the ex-rock jock reported that due to financial considerations the station will be placed under new management and shift to a more populist format by January 2010.

Three days later, in an update titled "NU107 Closing Down on November 7, 2010?" JaeDee reported that NU’s final broadcast is less than two weeks away.

As may be expected, the local blogosphere blew up as past and present NU listeners gave their two cents' worth regarding the matter. That first blog entry alone received over two hundred wistful and/or outraged responses. Someone even started an unofficial fan page on Facebook.

The plot thickened on the eve of tonight's NU107 Rock Awards when this appeared yesterday on NU107's Twitter:

[Screen grab from here.]

The immediately following Tweet read, "For aspiring bloggers out there. A blogger's Code of Ethics", and linked to's model Bloggers' Code of Ethics.

So, were those Tweets meant along the vein of Mark Twain's "The report of my death was an exaggeration" because JaeDee was given a bum steer? Or were they intended to throw people off the scent even as the Home of NU Rock is circling the drain?

As a former NU listener myself, I would rather have the former.

By the way, those two posts have already been taken down from JaeDee's blog, although they can still be found and viewed by the curious (contact me if you want instructions). There must be developments that we have yet to hear about.

[30 October 2010 Edit]

What I read between NU DJ Francis Brew's lines isn't heartening.

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