Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still Not Sold

Ugh, La Salle is really serious with this "Where Heroes Are Made"* thing.

[Image taken from Bleachers' Brew.]

They all look like refugees from a "fantaserye" (or a "telefantasya," depending on your local TV network affiliation), don't you think? They remind me of the following: the Adamson hero (leftmost), Bagwis from the Chuck Perez-Rachel Lobangco** film of the same name; the NU and FEU heroes (third from left and second from right), the bastard child of Iron Man and RoboCop—if there was one; the La Salle hero (center), Captain Britain—if he wore green and a cape; the Ateneo hero (third from right), a Mulawin in an ill-fitting sports bra; the UE hero (rightmost), an extra from a swords-and-sandals flick. The UST heroine (second from left), well, I think we all know who the inspiration for her was. Bottom line, the UP heroine (center) is the least ridiculous-looking. Yehey!

*I initially typed "Where Herpes Are Made." True story.

**As Y would say, masyadong retro ang mga names na yan!


  1. I think La Salle's Mascot looks like a kind of Masked Rider with a cap. LOL. The whole concept of this seems to me like a spoof of the Justice League or Ultimate Alliance, Pinoy Style.

  2. Spoofs are supposed to be funny. This isn't, just annoying. I can't wait for their appearance in the UAAP opening ceremonies this Saturday. Not.


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