Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fug Me, College Edition

Jowett found some old college pics. I’m just gonna leave these right here.

This was taken sophomore year, I think, at the after-sem party we had at
the Tan family's former residence near Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.
That's Jowett's old room, by the way.

Have I mentioned that the white dude in shorts was our History teacher?

That's how I look with at least two months' worth of hair. Never. Again.

Why did I remove my gray shirt? And what is that I'm holding?

Then, as now, I only took to the mic when no one was paying attention.

On the other hand, we were already upperclassmen when this was taken
at our tambayan inside the Rizal Study Foyer. But what the hell is that
on my head?

Yes, I win at posing.


  1. Your hair. I never knew there could be so much of it. ^_^

  2. omg. John "kadiri sa dumi ng fingers" Garcia.

    At ang payat pa ni Madeline!

  3. wow. you have so much hair! :D

    i always try to look for Reg in any of your old pictures I see. He's in so few! Pano kasi, kung san san nagpupunta eh. ;p ahahahaha!

  4. M: Now you know. And knowing is …

    B: John "chalk dust and cinnamon roll" Garcia, yes. And are you saying hindi na payat si Laarni?

    K: Understood na 'yun, ha ha. We didn't take it against him much.

    Y: Your turn, heh.

  5. haha i told him nga the other day - one day, our kid's gonna come up to us to ask how come mom has a lot of pictures when she was in college but dad hardly has any?! hahaha!

  6. K: I myself have only a few high school and college pics in my possession. Most of my pics were taken using my friends' cameras. It's too late in the day to bug them now about giving me a copy.

  7. isama mo na ang cheese balls fingermarks. And yes, I'm saying hindi na payat si Garaci. Haha.


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