Thursday, July 8, 2010

Also Bothered

In his previous post Atty. Punzi bemoaned the editorialization these days of some news stories. Now that is something I've rarely kept an eye out for, because my focus is on getting the Five Ws (and one H). What usually draws my attention, though, is the lack of exactness in how a few of these news items are written. Case in point, this story that ran yesterday in the same major daily and read, in part:
[Education Secretary Armin] Luistro refused to be drawn into the debate and in remarks that media people described as "tactless" said: "Alam niyo, yung media, hindi nakakatulong … pag-aawayawayin at saka hindi napapag-usupan ng maayos, mahinahon."

In short, he said journalists weren’t very helpful, were simply out to provoke fighting and were preventing a dispassionate and orderly discussion of issues.
Wow. I'm well aware that translating from Filipino to English or vice versa isn't an exact science, and that it's vital for the segment of a paper's readership that isn't literate in Filipino, but man! Talk about some shoddy translation that does a disservice to a public official and, more importantly, the readers.

Wait, did I just become an apologist for a La Sallian brother? Forgive me, O good Jesuits.

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