Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Friends Win At Life!

ST over at From The 50 Peso Seats marked a milestone today: his 100th blog entry. W00t! Here's to at least a hundred more!

Now for a short history lesson with an accompanying track from Switchfoot, to boot.

(I just rhymed. Ha!)

(And no, I didn't just make a height crack. I didn't like the ring of "brief" so I erased it. I'll leave it at that so as not to over-share, or be too defensive.)

I forget when or how I learned that my college block- and thesis-mate blogged. I knew, though, that he had been published at least once before.

The first blog that I followed was a rather unimaginatively titled (oops, heh) yet always great to read food blog on Friendster (I know, how … quaint). After that came Ft50PS.

I'm proud to say I've read all those hundred entries (like I religiously read all the blogs on the sidebar). My unsolicited advice: if you have time to spare, do a food blog again, bro. You always know the whats, wheres, and hows of good eating.

(Make mine inihaw na liempo, dalawang kanin, itlog na pula, dalawang kamatis from Manang's; on a plate; and with my bare hands.)

On the other hand, K over at Tales of a [Pregnant] Good Life recently won a blog contest. Again, w00t!

(Just so you know, the previous paragraph used to start with "Meanwhile …" before I erased it, too. I just can't think/say/type that word without mentally adding "… at the Hall of Justice." Nod if you agree.)

(Or just leave a comment, since of course I can't see you nod, silly. Not that I couldn't imagine it—you nodding, I mean—because I totally could, blah blah blah blah blah ….)


  1. dude! thanks for the shout out! i have been thinking about reviving the food blog, but let's see if I can do both. he he he...

  2. ST - yes do revive your food blog! i love food blogs.. hahaha

    T - thanks for the shout out too. you sound almost high in this post. :D haha! our prize came today and it's the cutest thing. wala lang, i just had to share!! haha!


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