Monday, June 21, 2010

Fug Me, Siblings Edition

Regular visitors of this blog will notice that I rarely write about, let alone post pictures of, my family. I'm making an exception this time, since the following photos are just too funny for words.

That's me with my brothers and sister at the house we lived in from the mid-'80s to the early '90s. My best guess is that it was taken during my late elementary school years.

(Yes, I once wasn't as dark-skinned as I am today. But I'd like to think I'm still photogenic, heh.)

Over the election break last month all four of us were home, so on a whim we decided to recreate our earlier photo. This was the best we came up with: 

We still use the smaller chairs in the first picture, by the way, but of course we couldn't all fit in them now.


  1. aww so cute! haha! my sisters and i did this too, but instead of recreating one of our old pictures, we recreated an old picture of my dad, his sister and brother (nevermind that we're all girls). :D

  2. ANG KYUUUUUUT MO. Mini-Leo. I lahvzet. More, more!

  3. here's the original picture:

    here's our attempt:

    we followed the order pa :D haha!

  4. C: Will do, 'pag may nahalungkat.

    K: Ang cool!


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