Thursday, May 13, 2010

30DoM, Day 7: Hindi Halata Ang Luha

Or: A song that reminds me of a certain event

In 2001 I was at the EDSA Shrine with Old School blockmates for the first (or was it the second?) night of EDSA 2. After the anti-Estrada speeches were finished there was a mini-concert, and the Itchyworms were among the bands that played.

Since I knew the 'Worms from college when they came on I went up the Shrine to get a better view. From stage right I watched them  play songs from their major-label debut, Little Monsters Under Your Bed. One of the most applauded numbers that night was "Antipara," which was getting heavy radio airplay at the time.


  1. awww... i left right before that mini concert started. in the first place, i wasn't supposed to be there (wasn't allowed) so i was hiding from news cameras (and we happened to find a spot rightnext to one. goodness. haha)

  2. My parents said not to go but I did and never told them. I even helped hang a giant banner on the Ortigas flyover. I'm glad I went that first first night because my mother arrived from the province later on. That's the only reason I missed the last march to Mendiola or the oath-taking. In hindsight, no big loss pala.


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