Monday, May 10, 2010

30DoM, Day 4: Nakayuko Ang Palay

Or: A song that makes me sad

I first encountered "Wala Nang Tao sa Sta. Filomena" in the Lino Brocka film Orapronobis—a heavy, heavy film that I had no business seeing as a ten-year-old. A minor character in the movie sang it, and my first thought was, "What a sad song."

Because of that scene in Orapronobis, over the years I've often (wrongly) thought of "Sta. Filomena" as "NPA music." It was only much later that I learned it was a Joey Ayala original. Now, whenever I see Ayala play it live I go, "What a sad, beautiful poem." And with lyrics like these, I'm not off the mark much.

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