Monday, May 24, 2010

30DoM, Day 18: Ikaw Na Ang Nananaginip

Or: A song that I wish I heard on the radio

Indio I's "Di Mo Lang Alam" reminds me of college, if only because I saw them play live lots of times in Ateneo. My friend R (or his brother) also had a cassette copy of the band's debut album that I always played whenever I was at his old Katipunan apartment. 

A few years after college I met Inky de Dios, who used to play keyboards for Indio I, at 70s Bistro. When he played a short acoustic set De Dios was kind enough to play "Di Mo Lang Alam" at my request.


  1. heeeyyy, the images are of Bene! that's where i went to grade school! :)

  2. oh and i like this song too! and i only just found out it's Indio I. haha

  3. What a coincidink. Did you suddenly get nostalgic? And will count that latter bit as my public service of the day.

  4. I kinda did. It reminds me also that I still haven't gone back to the school for their gravy. haha!

  5. The one thing memorable about that school is their gravy? That's just … wrong (says the guy who comes back to Ateneo for the liempo). :p

  6. haha! when i got pregnant, it was one of the things i would think about eating. i used to get rice with gravy and that would be my lunch :D

    i guess it's also cos i was there grade 2-3, 5-6 so I don't really have much attachment to it. I have more attachment with jakarta. :) i remember the place and what it was like more than actual memories. tagal na kasi. haha


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