Friday, May 21, 2010

30DoM, Day 15: I'm A Travelling Man

Or: A song that describes me

This, hands down, is the most difficult choice in the "Thirty Days of Music" meme. "Lakas Tama" by Siakol and "Lasngag" by Bicolano band Blah both qualify, but picking those would've been too easy. I think I'll go with Eraserheads' "Waiting for the Bus."

I imagine Da Boys hooting and slapping the table now, ha ha!

Seriously though, "Waiting for the Bus" has been "my" song since Circus came out in '94. The opening lines alone (I've been standing here / Waiting for the bus on a Saturday / Laundry on my back / Ultraviolet rays), that was me as early as '92. I could probably do a line-by-line exegesis if I had to.


  1. I looooove this song! I remember once Leah (Samson) and I were walking to the dorm and singing this out loud. =D

  2. Dapat lang, you were in Heads country, heh.


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