Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30DoM, Day 13: Somewhere Between Cher And James Dean

Or: A song that is a guilty pleasure

Say what you want about Nickelback, but the so-called Worst Band in the World has a knack for crafting songs that are fun to sing along to. The band can't be that bad, their music video for "Rockstar" has Eliza Dushku in it.

Er, so maybe they can. My bad. For a moment there I was blinded. That Eliza Dushku, she cures all my ills.

[5:27 PM Edit]

The universe is saying hello—96.7 FM is playing "Rockstar" right now. So sing it with me: 'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars / And live in hilltop houses drivin' fifteen cars …


  1. Eliza Dushku? Faith? All the more reason for you to watch Buffy and Angel with us!!!

  2. Is that along the lines of, "I'm gonna make him an offer he won't refuse"? :-J In the rainy season, pwede.


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