Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's The Kitchen Sink!

While it's popular knowledge that Team Villar is pulling out all the stops to capture the presidency, and that most likely they've been at it for years, some components of their campaign are relatively low-key.

For example, a few weeks back I learned of the comic book Ang Alamat ni Manny V: Tagumpay ng Kabataan Laban sa Kahirapan. Now, a former boardmate who works for our high school alma mater has encountered the "Manny Villar Excellence Award."
Orange Hurts My Eyes

At the end of each school year the institution awards deserving students who have achieved the spirit of excellence in the fields of academics, sports, arts, etc...

Today an odd object came to our mailbox:

Yup, that's right. I guess Agent Orange also wants to award students through his own brand of excellence in every school's graduation/recognition ceremonies. The set, held together by a bright orange leather cover, contains a medal (with his name and title on it), a glossy certificate (with his photoshopped picture andauthentic signature), and an application form.

They didn't even bother giving us a formal letter explaining the guidelines/criteria on how to choose the student who deserves the award. labo, tsong...

Continued …
"Labo" is right, padi.

To its eternal credit my high school alma mater has thrice now declined to confer that unsolicited award. Unfortunately there are a number of schools that have obliged or will oblige. There's an even larger number of graduates who have listed or will list that "honor" in their resum├ęs. Yet if my friend's experience is any indication, then the events that led to their getting that award likely aren't too lofty.

(Sorry to burst your bubble, kids.)

[Hat tip to J.]

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