Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Stab At Reading Between The Lines

Chot Reyes, the multi-titled head coach of the Philippine Basketball Association team Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters and a fellow Ateneo alumnus, is one of the few people I follow on Twitter.

Yesterday he posted a cryptic Tweet:
Funny how a team owner can make those comments in todays PDI when his coach and team mgr thanked me and my boss after their semis sweep
My curiosity was piqued so I did some sleuthing on There I found this:
PBA OKs Harbour Centre-Barako Bull ‘jersey deal’
By Musong R. Castillo
Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Meanwhile, Alaska team owner Wilfred Steven Uytengsu said that a P10 million fine for teams that will walk out of a game in future is a “bargain if you can endure the embarrassment.”

“It’s not high enough,” the three-time board chair said in a text message. “No amount of money can represent the impropriety of walking out of a game. Every team has a responsibility to the league and to the fans to do their best regardless of the calls.”

Full story …
First, a brief backgrounder. On 5 February 2010 Coach Chot's team, protesting what it perceived as biased refereeing, walked out of and forfeited Game 4 of its Philippine Cup quarterfinal series against the Barangay Ginebra Kings. Talk ‘N Text was later fined over P1.2 million, and went on to lose Game 5 as well as the series, three games to two.

The Tropang Texters' infraction, which was reminiscent of the 1990 walkout of the AƱejo Rhum 65ers (who are now called, in an ironic coincidence, the Barangay Ginebra Kings) in Game 6 of the First Conference championship series against Shell Rimula X and the 2006 near-walkout of the Red Bull Barakos in Game 4 of the Philippine Cup finals against the San Miguel Beermen, led the PBA to increase the fine for walkouts to P10 million.

Having read the Philippine Daily Inquirer article, I see now that Coach Chot and I have differing ideas what "funny" means.

But if Coach Chot is to be believed, Alaska Aces head coach Tim Cone and team manager Joaqui Trillo thanked him and his boss (who could either be Ricky Vargas, Talk 'N Text's representative to the PBA Board of Governors, or team owner Manny Pangilinan) after Alaska swept Barangay Ginebra in their best-of-seven semifinals.

Now I don't know what exactly the Talk 'N Text did to deserve Cone and Trillo's thanks, but let me hazard a guess: The Tropang Texters' previous complaints of biased officiating ensured that in the Alaska-Barangay Ginebra series, the referees' calls did not all go the crowd favorite Gin Kings' way.

Ain't I smart?

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