Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Skins

Blogger last added to its collection of blog templates years ago, so yeah, I'm geeked about the newly launched Blogger Template Designer. It's about time they kept up with the blogging services out there that offer infinitely more "official" designs.

The availability of new designs has given delinquent blogger Katroni something to work on. I would like to try a new template myself but there's one thing stopping me: according to the Blogger announcement post,
The Template Designer is not supported on Internet Explorer 6, nor, for that matter, are the new templates. While we’ve made an effort to ensure that they’ll still be readable, the new designs are not going to look particularly attractive on IE6. We strongly encourage the very small number of bloggers and readers still using IE6 to upgrade to a more modern browser. …
That's too bad, because as of this writing, a full tenth of those who stumble upon this blog use IE6.

[Image taken from]

What to do, what to do?


  1. hey ... am trying to look for that on my dashboard and i can't find it anywhere! help? :P


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