Thursday, March 4, 2010

Assisted Blogging

Following February's pathetic eight-post tally I resolved to hit double-digit blog entries this month. That's going to be a challenge, though, since I'm fresh out of ideas and I'm wary of reducing this blog into a whine platform. I suppose I could simply regurgitate stuff I find on the Interweb, but that would be cheating.

Thank goodness I can use a Plinky prompt:
The world is clearly ending soon. Where will you go to ring in the apocalypse?
Well, the apocalypse I prefer is that from Deep Impact, i.e., there's a huge comet that crashes into the planet and causes mass extinction. For that I want to be somewhere that overlooks the Marikina Valley (the balcony of the Pollock Renewal Center in Ateneo comes to mind), sipping a Rum and Coke while I eyeball that hunk of rock as it plows into the Earth at a shallow angle and skips towards me like a flat rock on water. That is a beautiful death, no?

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