Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yoko To The Rescue

Bit by bit Ms. Ono is evening up her karma for blowing up The Beatles. Good job.
Lennon widow makes ¥5-million 'Ondoy' donation
Pia Lee-Brago
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Yoko Ono, widow of the late John Lennon
of the Beatles and herself an established artist, has donated 5 million yen (P2.5 million) to children affected by storm “Ondoy” which hit the country in September last year.

In a report to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Philippine embassy in Tokyo said Ono visited the embassy upon learning of the severe and continuing suffering of Ondoy victims.

“As a mother herself, Ms. Ono feels deep sympathy and love for suffering children,” the embassy said.

It said Ono had pledged the donation before Christmas.


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